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Arnold’s Journal: June 18th – 26th

((One minor note, Arnold’s last name is not Gager, although his real last name does start with a G.  Gager is the perfered name when addressing the typist.  I simply had to have two parts to the name, and only recently decided to fix this with the prefix of Mr.))

Saturday June 18th: 

I didn’t get much done today, except make the final decision that today would be my last day on crutches and I started to pack up the items we had in the hospital.  Deconstruction will start soon apparently, and we’re going to have to move the furniture.  I intend to help with that if I can, and in the end that may be what I’ll be doing for most of this week.

Sunday June 19th:

I put away my crutches, before getting anyones consent truthfully, but they gave it to me anyways when I met up with them at Mr. and Mrs. Pearses anniversary.  It was an interesting evening filled with a lot of odd moments that I hadn’t expected.  Some attentions and animositys were surprsing, and some dance partners were…unexpected.  In any occassion it was a wonderful evening to be off my crutches finally.

On my way home I stopped to have a chat with Dr. Sonnerstein and Miss Sinclaire, before taking Mr. Harvey’s advice that I start walking around the town again.

While doing that I found an odd balloon contraption that Mr. Spires wanted to test that went up to his roof and then to the other side of his compound.  Apparently he’s intending to put something up there, possibly a pool.

While we were discussing this, a rabbit by the name Ashiko approached us and he told us how bad his own deal with Tenk to explain his missing appendages.   He said debt, but I figure that’s the same thing.  In any occassion the rabbit had lost his leg because of it, according to him.

Since we were on the subject I brought up how my own almost deal went with the mayor, and how I had failed and had given up on the matter.  Ashiko took a rather unexpected interest however…going so far as to offer to beat up the mayor himself and drag him to the hospital in exchange for some morphine.

Considering I had only just gotten off my crutches and he was blocking the way down short of jumping, I thought it best to show an interest and even offered to get him the first payment of morphine, even if I decided not to go through with the plan.  I’m not going to lie though, the idea of someone beating the mayor to a pulp, specifically how he described he was going to do it, greatly amused me.  It seemed more like a political cartoon which he had in mind than anything serious. 

After he gave me his card and we parted ways, I asked about him later that evening, and found out that Mr Kuroe was the famed Mad Bunny Bomber and more about his past troubles.  I had a feeling that this was the case, since he had shown such an interest in how the militia had so few members now.

The most odd thing to me however, was that both Ashiko and Mr. Plymoth showed an interest in me.  Mr. Plymoth asked me to dance and Ashiko almost caressed my face while we were talking.  It was decidedly…uncomfortable…then again all the advances I’ve ever gotten from women were just as uncomfortable…

I think I may lay low for a time…until I’m capable of defending myself.  I have no doubts that if Mr. Kuroe had wanted to this night, he could have easily changed from hurting Tenk to hurting or maiming the cat currently in front of him.

Monday – Friday, June 20th-25th:

I left my journal in the sub and I can’t say that I did much this week except stay in the Vernian tunnels, hospital, and kept to myself.  I packed things, read stories and textbooks, but that’s it.  I wish I could report more but there’s really nothing more to say.  I only found out later about things like Dr. Berithos getting attacked, and since I haven’t seen him that could all just be a rumor.

Saturday June 26th:

It wasn’t a rumor, Dr. Berithos getting attacked I mean.  I saw him today at an auction at the Piermont which was completely demolished.  I’d blame myself, but since Doctor Obolensky had wanted to destroy it I figure that this can’t be chalked up to me and my bad luck for once.

Apparently Miss Book had been kidnapped and several members of the town tried to rescue her.  While that was going on, the Dr. destroyed the Piermont.  I suppose I should revile him, but I don’t.  If he’s ever injured I still intend to take him to the hospital, and I told Miss Book so. 

[16:43] Arnold: Just so you know, I did promise to carry him to the hospital if I ever found him injured.
[16:44] Bookworm Hienrichs: Hmm. Just so long as you tell me, so I can arrest him.
[16:44] Arnold: I don’t intend to protect him from that.
[16:45] Arnold: He seems to do a fine enough job on his own.
[16:47] Arnold: I’m sure he’d somehow levitate our hospital bed and fly away with it hours after regaining conciousness.
[16:47] Bookworm Hienrichs: Very probably.

As for the auction itself, Stargirl went to Berithos and Tenk went to Miss Melnik.  Berithos tried to get him too as well as Miss Bianca, who was rooting for Berithos to win.  It probably would have been funny if Berithos did win, but he didn’t in the end.

After that, I left before the party began and then…well then I wandered for a short while before I finally found myself attending Mr. Emerson’s wedding down the road.

Considering our last real conversation I had never in my life dreamed I’d be doing that, but I was kind of drawn there to be honest.  I can’t say that I recognized any of the other guests so I can’t claim I went to be there with them.  Maybe I was just curious, but I suppose it was good that I went.

The wedding had a few other oddities, such as a missing minister, but in the end Mr. Emerson Lighthouse and Lauren Hallenbrook became Mr. and Mrs. Lighthouse.  I actually found myself wishing them the best and meaning it.

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  1. Kristos Sonnerstein Kristos Sonnerstein June 29, 2011

    Dr. Obolenski flying off in one of our hospital beds. Why is that more amusing than worrisome a mental image? I think I would dearly like to see that!

  2. Blackberry Harvey Blackberry Harvey June 29, 2011

    Thank you for your assistance in moving the furniture and crates up to the surface, Mr. Arnold. I hope the office space is satisfactory for Dr. Sinclaire for now.

  3. Breezy Carver Breezy Carver June 29, 2011

    there  there .. cheer up !!!

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