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Approaching the Klaw

“Are you ready?”  Lisa nodded while she worked, getting the sticks ready.  He appreciated her resolve, and turned to move up the stairs, “I’m ready, even if I am sure something will go wrong.”

The young girl smiled slightly as she followed him, “Something probably will. We’ll just have to meet that when it happens.”

He stopped and looked back at her, she shaking his head, “…sometimes I wish I could be that confident. But I’m pretty sure I would just get myself in even worse trouble.”

Lisa shrugged, “I don’t know that I’m confident. There is very much that can go wrong. I just know we have to try.”  Lisa had been coming around to trust Tangaloor Firefoot’s idea that she was put in this body for a reason.  That she was meant to help protect her Folk, and this was part of it.  “Well, at least you look prepared.”

He shook his head slowly, and countered her as they reached the final steps, “If there was another way we wouldn’t be doing this.  I’m unarmed.  If I had a sword I would at least have something, but my claws will have to do…and our wits.”  

We are completely doomed, but he didn’t want to tell her that….her sister was captured and it wouldn’t do to be honest right now.  

Tepic was happily sitting in his contraption, the Flying Vole, and gestured for them to hop on.  Lisa stared at it less enthusiastically, “A little crowded…can it really fly all three of us?”

“Errrr…. i hope…”  Tepic said with a small shrug, as they all got on board, Lisa sitting in the center.  The supplies were all there, and he only hoped that their small arsenal would be enough…

As they took off from the ground, Lisa looked down, half in fear, half in fascination as she saw Babbage fall below them.  

Arnold looked down as well, and then up for their destination, his heart beating rapidly as they flew towards their doom.  He turned to the fox, “If we fall, or die, I want it on record that I appreciate your help, Tepic.  Lisa.  Gil…everyone.  You’ll let them know, right?”  

Grinning, Tepic shouted over the wind, “Thanks Mr Arnold, been fun, hasn’t it!”

Arnold stared at the young boy and shouted, “NO!  It has been a nightmare!

As they rose higher into the air, Tepic pointed excitedly, “Oh look! A kraken!”

DON’T POINT AT IT!”  He shouted, as he gripped the edge of the basket.  They weren’t even going to reach Dr. Dinosaur at this rate!

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