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Apophis – Serpent of Chaos, or Something Else?

The life of a tailor can be difficult, at times.  There are those long nights where you sit under a dim lamp stitching things, and you jab yourself with the needle repeatedly.  I think my left thumb has become a pincushion!  I’m sure if I drink a glass of water, it will all spring forth from the end of my thumb, like it was spilling from the spout of a watering can.  It’s too bad I have a black thumb, or I’d keep plants in my shop.

Keeping plants alive is just not possible, with one exception.  For twenty years, I owned a Split Leaf Rhodedendron named “Stupid”.  I called it that because for twenty years it only had one leaf, and that leaf never split.  It finally died of shame one day.

But I digest. . .

There is a lot on my plate at the moment.  Before I traveled to far off lands to Sound Smith at the Illustrious Society Club, I had several suits to finish.

They are now available in my New Babbage Shoppe.

They are a bit more elaborately colored than your typical Victorian fare, but a little color is good for the soul.  Here’s an example:

At the moment I have four different colors/designs available.  There are four more in the works, but they’re a surprise for now.  All include a spectacular chain and jewelled belt, and finely tailored and lined jacket.  Currently available in Midnight, Teal/Black, Jewel-toned blue and black, and a special Christmas “Noel” version.  Yes, I realize it isn’t even Halloween yet, but you know retail shops. . .

We all jump the gun a bit on the holidays.

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