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Another Murder – Journal Entry

Date – 27th day of August 188 *hears Mr Cleanslate scream in anguish*

*runs to the windows and see Mr Cleanslate working on connecting the Academy line to the rest of the city…he seems to be holding his hand in the air and cradling it…poor guy must have hit his hand with that mallet instead of the points*

So, here we are again diary…

*puts pen down and scratches his tail*

It seems that old Cleanslate is once again attempting to connect the Academy region to the rest of the city’s tram system.  So far ive watched 3 trams derail, which is not bad considering the last time the line was connected…all of them derailed. Seems Mr Cleanslates steadfast engineering work is finally paying off for the old boy. Must ask him if he can put a stop right infront of the hotel when he has a spare moment…

As for other news, theres been another murder. Seems New Babbage’s nickname of “New Murder A Month Babbage” is starting to hold some relevance. This time though it was someone whom a lot of people knew…that little chap called Pip.

Pip…yes, all I can say to that is steadfast proof that your past will catch up to you.

He wasn’t the honest little fella that a lot of people, like that Underby, likes to tell people he was. Pip was into some very dark things during his tenure here in the City. No doubt working on behest of old Bonehead. Underby is like a spider, sitting in the middle of the grungy old tavern, pulling the strings of his web and manipulating people to do his bidding.  It wouldn’t surprise me at all if he had his hands in this murder to serve some purpose of his.


The fact of the matter is the obvious planting of evidence on the murder scene. I mean SERIOUSLY a lock of red hair just happens to be in Pip’s hand, anyone who commits an act of crime…and ive done a few in my long life…makes sure that NO evidence is at the scene.  For said murderer to leave locks of their hair tangled up in the murder victims hands is just too obvious.  Of course, the folks who investigated the murder scene now think that someone with red hair murdered Pip, and I know some are thinking the same thing I am thinking…whos the one person with red hair who wanted Pip dead?  Stargirl MacBain.

Star wouldnt be silly enough to leave some of her hair at the murder scene though, so the evidence was planted, probably by one of Underby’s idiot brain dead goons.

Here’s what i think happened.

Gilhooly Skute was seen clambering up to the Mayors office about 2 hours before the murder.  The Mayors office has a stack of those old Ordo Mucro knives in a drawer.  Gil was seen clambering back down the ladders with one of those knives in his had.  He was delivering said knife to someone at the far end of the city no doubt.  The murderer was working for Underby or Phaedra.  The murderer bribed the guard at the Church, sneaked in, stabbed Pip and planted the red hair in pips dead hand.

Thats what i think happened.  Of course, none of the investigating folks even thought of the fact that poor gilhooly might be involved in this hobbile affair, even innocently.

Which brings me onto my last thought…The Church of the Builder.

Sitting there in their cathedral all looking innocent…since when has the Church of the Builder had the capacity to become judge and jury in cases involving the state?  Since when has the Church of the Builder became the state prison by wrongfully and deceitfully locking “prisoners” up before a trial involving the public?

Someone has to put the Church of the Builder in their place, take them down a peg or two.  The Church is here to serve the citizens of the state, not to become the police force of the state with carte blanche to do whatever they like whenever they like. 

Anyway, i’ve assured the residents of the hotel that the hotel is safe, all their doors lock and if any murderer was going to incite anything in the hotel…they would need to pass me first.

For some reason i think people like Underby are rather anxious, or even afraid when they are around me…it’s because of this that i’ve never had any threatening things hapen to me, mind you there was that one time i was poisoned in the gangplank, but that was part of a plot to catch a

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  1. Jedburgh30 Dagger Jedburgh30 Dagger August 27, 2010

    ((Some of us have day jobs Victor…and not all of us are convinced, one way or another))

  2. Breezy Carver Breezy Carver August 27, 2010

    hummm ponders

    *maybe its thump er .. that’s it .. nods its  da little bunny !

    ** seems Like AE has been working for  gosh years ((at least one now )) on that tram ..

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