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Another Game of Cat and Raptor – 1 of 2

“Do you think it’s a bad idea?”  The cat asked the young urchin, who was packing the aetheric battery and the letters away.

“Errrr….. not if yer want him chasing yer all over the place……” He nodded, since that had been the plan. “An we had better get yer some different places ter hid….”

“Where else can I go?”

“Up the fells, inside the Palasade Wall, there’s some rooms hidden away.”

“I’ve…never seen them.”  He didn’t exactly go around exploring walls, and had only been inside once over a year ago.

Laughing genially the urchin replied, “That’s cus they’s hidden!” 


Tepic returned that night to warn him that his letters must have gotten the doctors attention like he wanted.  The clockworks were out in force, spread thin, and searching for cats high and low…leaving for the wall wasn’t going to be safe tonight.

The young urchin however simply saw this as an opportunity, “I been wondering….. some of us could do bits too… like them little clockworks, a sack over em from behind, into a barrel, an off ter China on the next slowboat….”

Any urchin capable of resisting the raptor enough to do that would have been appreciated, but it still made him nervous, “You might make the raptor settle on all children, like he’s settled for all cats.”

“Ha! They wouldn’t know who it were, just them little things vanishing, that should tweek ‘is tail!”  Laughing, Tepic went to the curtain.  “Well, best i’m off, yer stay outta sight, Mr Arnold, we’ll get this sorted!”

The fox ran off to run his bar and vole buisness while the cat went back into hiding.  He rested as much as he could in the heat, but as the hours wanned and the moonlight struggled through the clouds the cat could hear drones searching the theater below.

He held still in the hideout, hoping those small things would not discover his hiding place.  That fear was replaced when the cat heard something far more disturbing, the sound of something heavy walking across the roof.

They were on the rooftops!  How did those heavy, cumbersome things manage to walk on rooftops?!  Very poorly it appeared as each step threatened to cave it inwards.  The Mecharaptor tapped it’s claw on the shingle roof, unaware it was moments away from falling into the den of its prey.

He was going to be found out if he stayed here even if it did not break through, the best he could do was lead them away from this sanctuary.  Ignoring Tepic’s advice to stay hidden he ran out the back and kept moving till he reached the streets below.  He went to the street waving his arms shouting, “I’m right here!”

The clockworks on the street turned towards him and the cat took off running again.

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