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another evening at city hall (Dark Aether)

Tenk stormed into City Hall after his meeting on the street with Jed Dagger, shouting at the top of his lungs for a messenger. 

“Find me Deacon Effingham! I want to see him NOW.”

And then he slammed the gate of the elevator and went up to his office. He took the rolled map of the city from the barrel and stepped out onto the porch to clamp it in the bracket screwed to the window, then stepped back through the door to study the greasestick marks and notes on the glass inside. Not satisfied, he opened the ledger that he recorded the dice tallies, which the boys brought him on slips and scraps of paper in return for the privelege of putting their hand in the candy jar on the desk, and checked the marks on the window for errors. No, no errors. Probablility had been stable.

Then what was that thing?

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