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Another encounter with Margo December (Friday, November 27th)(Dark Aether)

As I was walking to Gangplank as I heard there was an event going on I heard noises in the alleyway above. Upon checking it out find that Blackberry, Avariel, Kristos, Brother Lapis and what looked like a mailbox with spider legs were surrounding Margo December as she was talking with them.

Now let me say no one can really surround Ms. December as she runs very fast for an old woman with all of her possessions on her back so I knew she was there for a reason and I listened in. Apparently I just had missed a discussion about the Church Blunderbusses as one of the first things I heard was…

“Lead shot? But don’t some weapons already use that?” Kristos said.

Just then Blackberry left to set up the Gangplank for the event and after greetings to me Ms. December says “The urchins know you know. You all know. But you all speak not to.”

“ What is it we know though?” Kristos asked.

“ It seams we all know something that the others need to know?” Avariel added.

Margo continued “ You all know what you need to know.”

Kristos added “ But so many are too suspicious of each other to speak to one another…”

“ You stand yes in you do” Margo continued as if not distracted by the ongoing conversations.

“ In my case I think it is knowledge of the aetheric entity, the angel that is not and angel.” Avariel said.

“Around in circle I stand in middle and I see you know you know” Margo states.

Kristos smiles softly to Margo. “The one person in this town that speaks honest sense…”

Avariel then mentions about letting people see the angel which Brother Lapis and Kristos agree to and Kristos mentions the townhall meeting on Sunday.

“ A golden circle and all will you see and know you know” continues Ms December.

I finally pipe up “ What about this circle Ms. December? Is there supposed to be something we find inside the circle?”

“ You find what you need to know from what you know about the Spark, the memories, the shadow of the angel, about the eyes of the darkness.” Margo says.

Kristos frowns while resting his head in his hand and Avariel asks “What are the eyes of the darkness?”

“ The balance has gone, the hooded one knows.” Margo says.

“ The balance is gone because of the Dark Aether. Who’s the hooded one though?” I ask.

“ Come see come look” Margo says and runs off.

Before we chase after her Avariel adds “The fabric of reality is tearing apart.”

We all run after Ms. December as she stops at the graffiti that was left behind denouncing Mayor Tenk.

“ Look look, and soo you know yes” Margo says as she point to the writing.

“ The Writer Speaks The Truth” Avariel states.

“ Dear dear unicorn see past the words the words nothing they mean. They are the sounds of anger and hate and despair and anger and misery and turmoil and anger.” Margo says.

“ The words are a symptom of the disease?” Avariel asks

Kristos looks up to Avariel and says “ The infection of the mind Helio found…”

“ The darkeness. The darkness watches and whispers. It whispers.” Ms December adds.

Kristos nods softly top Margo “, It’s been talking to our subconscious..”

Avariel adds “It has even had an effect on the clockwork.”

“ The darkness whispers, like fog spewing and floating through windows and doors and chimenys.” Margo says.

“ The dark aether spreads it” Kristos says.

“ Everything is related to the dark aether. It may even be related to my dreams.” says Avariel.

“ Heavy think, balance lost” Margo says.

“ That’s what I thought the closer you are to the Dark Aether pumps… the louder the voices become.” I add.

“I suppose that’s why some of us go utterly mad around them…” Kristos says.

“ But they are everywhere” I say.

“ They’re slowly saturating the city in the stuff…” Kristos continues.

Margo December says “Yes yes everywhere and you all walk and talk and fight and stay silent. Faith against faith, youth against adult, man against woman, poor against rich, human against non human. You dance the dance and play the game and all the time you know you know.”

It finally click what Ms December says and I pipe in “Wait… it seems like we are doing this wrong. We are all trying to do things separately and it’s tearing us apart and pitting us against each other. It seems the most logical choice is that we should all work together.

Everyone nods to this and Ms. December begins to smile.

“ The question is can we get everyone to? And how?” Kristos adds.

“ Maybe we all have part of the solution.” Avariel says.

“ I don’t doubt it,” Kristos says.

“ You said there is a townhall meeting Sunday right? Maybe then we can join everything together to work this out.” I say.

Kristos says “Brother Lapis…? How likely is the church to work with others in order to prevent these things taking over…?”

“ You think we don’t? Your prejudices are noted.” Brother Lapis says.

“ I think you keep secrets… as all people do.” Dr. Sonnerstein says “I am not against the church despite what you and your brothers seem to think…”

“ Everyone keeps secrets… even the urchins do.” I add quietly.

Kristos nods as Brother Lapis replies “Mathematics takes a certain isolation of the mind to do. I expect our attitudes are easily misinterpreted.”

Margo says “ Careful my dearests, the darkness is calm and confident, they start to work as one and not as the darkness wants, then bad things may happen.”

“ Quite possible..” Kristos says “Though to be honest, several of the brothers and priests are rather judgemental of others without understanding us either… I don’t expect any of that to change, but in this time we need to set all these things aside.”

Brother Lapis shrugs “Perhaps they reflect how others have treated them.”

Avariel says “The clockwork of the power station have been serving the city for years, and will continue to do so. If we can help then we will.”

“ I can rally the urchins together I bet… but the one I would really need to convince is Gadget.” I say.

Ms Falcon nods “ Master Gadget is particularly knowledgeable, and Master Tepic”

Kristos says “ I’ll see about the hospital and university staff then…”

Brother Lapis mentions “ The students are evacuating tomorrow with Father Pizzaro.”

“ Evacuating?” I say. “Are there any members staying or are you all leaving?”

Brother Lapis nods “ We thought it best to divide our assets for survivability. Though if the soap bubble model is correct, it won’t really matter.”

Margo says “ Margo she stays with the writer. Margo stays, this where her soul is, the town loves her.”

The conversation continues and Margo moves away. I follow here… but that leads to a different story.

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  1. Brother Lapis Brother Lapis November 27, 2011

    Wonders about Sonnerstein’s definition of cooperation as he helps corral another group of crabs for Brother Napolter to test his blunderbus on.

    • Avariel Falcon Avariel Falcon November 27, 2011

      Unit #6 always gets me to do that…

      I mean, I’m meant to be in charge! But who gets to play tasty snack for the crabs?!

      Oh dear…

      Time for another run…

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