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Announcing the Steamweaver Heterodynamic Bill Wall.

For those who are tired of the time and expense of traveling throughout the Steamlands pasting their bills on various public surfaces, the Steamweaver Printery is proud to announce that it is in final trials for its newest service: the Heterodynamic Bill Wall. 

Now, simply by dropping your promotional bill or poster in a custom Publish Box, your bill will be automatically and instantly distributed to all the locations courteous enough to offer a Bill Wall. 





Each Bill Wall displays a different Bill every hour, selected dynamically through the aethernets.

Currently being tested at several locations in New Babbage, users of the Heterodynamic Bill Wall service will be able to use a web-based interface to set a start date/time, an expiration date/time, and choose whether every Bill Wall in the Steamlands will distribute a notecard or a landmark for those who touch your Bill. You’ll also be able to select which of several series your bill will appear: Upcoming Events, Steamlands Products, Steamlands Locations, and many others.

Those wishing to assist with the placing a Bill Wall on their parcel during the testing period are invited to contact Aeolus Cleanslate for a copy – those wishing to publish notice of an event are also invited to contact Clockwinder Tenk or Cleanslate for publication.

Stay tuned for more information!

– Steamweaver Printery


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  1. Otenth Paderborn Otenth Paderborn August 11, 2010

    Oooh, fantastic! I will be drawing Baron Wulfenbach’s attention to this service.

    And I am happy to place a Bill Wall for testing. I shall IM you in-world.

    Yrs, &c.


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