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And they call *me* a barbarian!

Lynn sat on the edge of the water.  Oh, she saw the looks, she heard the comments and the whispers; people didn’t think she did but she did.  Sometimes they didn’t even care if she heard – they thought that people ‘different’ from them were stupid as well just because they did not have the same experiences.

“She can’t even wear shoes!”

“Oh my god, do you see all that mismatched jewelry? And those colors…!”

“What are those infernal bells?  Oh, its… *sniff sniff*… her… “

“Watch out, all gypsies are thieves!”

“Gypsy barbarians!”

She’d show them.  She’d show every one of them.  She would prove that gypsies could become ladies, that gypsies were just as smart and could be just as elegant as anyone.  Smarter, and more elegant!  She was waiting for school to begin, and she would learn.  She’s show them all!

She sighed.  Oh, it wasn’t all of them or, even, really most of them.  She had a lot of friends, but sometimes she didn’t even understand them.

Tonight, for example.  Two ladies, both of them ladies she admired, fighting and hurting each other.. for *sport*?    It was beyond her ken.

Ok,. she wasn’t naive.  Well.   Not much.  Maybe.  

She knew boys and men, their rough housing and fighting.  But that was men, preening peacocks sometimes, always trying to compete and out do the other.   And of course women could fight – look at Captain Stereo!!   But that was to defend themselves and their family.  And she had seen women fight over men, though she didn’t think she herself could do that.

But watching two lovely women punching and hurting each other for sport, and no one caring when one got knocked out?  In fact, they were cheering?

“Grrrrrrrr!”  She cried out in frustration, beating her hands on the ground.

And they call *her* a barbarian?


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  1. Stargirl Macbain Stargirl Macbain August 16, 2011

    You must be spending time on the wrong side of the city Ms. Mimistrobell. 

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