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And so it’s getting worse ((Dark Aether))

Natacha Chernov runs to the mayor and stops, trying to catch her breath” Mr… Mr. Tenk!”
Mosseveno Tenk looks at her: “mmm?”
“You have to… you have to call the militia immediately. Or maybe the bow street police. Or… or…”
Mosseveno Tenk takes out his pipe “or what?”
Natacha Chernov looks around, obviously in great panic “Evacuate the Babbage! Yes, that would be the best way. Please, we must evacuate the Babbage.”
Mosseveno Tenk rattles a set of dice like a stress reliever “Evacuate?? What did you see?”
Natacha Chernov takes a deep breath. “The Eliot device. It’s missing.”
Mosseveno Tenk nods “I know.”
“I think it is the Dagonites. I’m having all the records pulled on them until i know what they are up to. Commodore Dagger showed me last night.”
Natacha Chernov blinks “How… how you can stay so calm? It’s missing! And with Moriarty back in town… I’m afraid we are here against something much worse than Dagonites. Believe me.”
“You don’t think it is the dagonites? Who then?”
“It’s Moriarty! Why don’t you listen to me?”
“Isnt’ that one of their goals? To conjure up a… thing? They must have got lucky.” Tenk frowns “Moriarty? He’s dead. Little more than an urban legend now. Bogeyman stories kids tell each other.”
Natacha Chernov shakes her head in disbelief. “Please, mayor, you must listen what I’m saying. Moriarty is not dead, he’s back in town. And now he’s got the Eliot device. We must evacuate Babbage “
Mosseveno Tenk studies woman’s face, calculating.
“Mmm. Evacuate. Abandon the city? And then what?”
Natacha Chernov nods, eagerly “Yes, to save the people”
Tenk chews on his pipe stem: “Well. You know where the train station is. I’ve no where else to go”

With these words mayor of Babbage turned and walked away, leaving Natacha speechless, standing helplessly in the empty square.

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