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An Overdue Voyage

The airship was now boarding and Beryl’s tickets were ready along with the new passport which bore their new name and photograph.  They didn’t have any German currency, nor had they ever been able to learn the language while they had been there, but that wasn’t much of a concern where they were going.  The tickets had a set return date of the 26th to arrive back just in time for Halloween if nothing went wrong.

Beryl thought of everything that was probably going to go wrong on the trip, especially to the dreams they’d had where uniformed men tried to detain them and others where those they originally sought were long gone.  

It didn’t matter.  Beryl was content just undertaking the journey.  It was time to see their family.

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  1. Edward Pearse Edward Pearse October 9, 2013

    Travel safe. You might be able to get there for the tail end of Oktoberfest!

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