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An Old Song

Scottie and Sky sat on the roof ledge of Portside Books that looked out onto Port. They had always enjoyed sitting and watching the stars over the smoggy water.

“It’s a cooler night, actually bearable,” Scottie said quietly as he wrapped an arm around his wife’s shoulder.

A slight breeze moved over them. Sky’s posture shifted a bit, her blue eyes moving to scan the horizon. After a few moments of stillness and silence, Scottie noticed Sky relaxing again, putting her head on his shoulder. She then very quietly began to hum. Scottie listened for a couple of minutes to see if he could place the tune, ultimately finding himself unsuccessful.

Scottie whispered, “What tune is that, love?”

After finishing just a few more notes of the song, Sky replied, “‘The Call O’ The Kraken.’ It’s an old air shanty I learned ages ago.” She paused and then added seriously, “‘Tis the season, ya know.”

Tilting his head in thought, Scottie eventually said, “Oh, that’s right… I remember the attacks we had last year. First time I had seen those creatures.”

“Wasn’t the first time for me, ” Sky said in a matter-of-fact tone. “I’ve seen far too many ships and friends taken down by those critters. That tune you asked about? It’s meant to drive them away. I think it’s time for me to teach you the words…”

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