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An introduction

   (( first I want to say how happy I am that I have a new laptop and after 5 years in SL I can finally see all of NB and hope to meet you all as the cards fall))

     Loki’s Journal,

Though it has been sometime since I have been home and able to see clearly today was a glorious return. I got wind that there was a local social even taking place at Brunel Hall, it would be nice to meet people finally and see the sites clearly… a little something to quench my thirst would not be bad either * wink*

   After a nice social evening I was invited to a game of En Garde, and after thoroughly reading the rule books * some of which I need to return* I engaged in a tutorial lesson. My instructors were both fantastic, and I even enlisted to be a member of the team. I look forward to more lessons.

  P.S. someone left a satchel of coins infront of a crate at the port. how kind of them. I will not have to work the visitors over to much this week.


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