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An Innocent Man in New Babbage (2)

Dear Wilfred,

I am sure that employment can be found for you here in our fair sooty city.  This very weekend there is a ball, and I plan to attend.  While there, I shall speak with a few of my fellow Babbagers on your behalf.  Surely one of them shall have an entry position to offer to a young accountant.

As for lodgings in New Babbage,  there are several places that offer rooms to let.  While Brunel Hall is a fine hotel, the rent will be beyond your means I fear. Perhaps a more modest establishment, such as the Steampunk Hotel, will be better suited.  I will speak to Shay McDowwll if you so wish.

Another possibility for lodging is the loft of Her Dark Materials, owned by Bela Lubezki.  I shall also speak with her and see if the loft is available.

Finally, as to your inquiry concerning firearms, New Babbage is a safe and prosperous for the most part, but there are a few unsavory thieves about. A small pistol, discretely carried, should be sufficient.

I look forward to seeing you soon dearest nephew.

You uncle Wiggy


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