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An Informal Request For Documentation and Explanations

It has come to my attention (primarily through the experience of becoming entirely lost within these archives and annals,) that there is very little explanation or documentation of how any of the features of this forum and community system are to be used, and I would, for my part, very much relish further enlightenment!

I myself desire the answers to several specific archival mysteries, although I am most certain others have inquiries of their own.

For my part, I would wish to learn how to enter oneself in the Character rosters, and whither, whence, and how the informations contained therein might be edited and kept current.

Also, what constitutes a “page”, and what, a “blog”, and what differences lie between them.

What is the purpose of this mysterious “create content” button, and what sort of aetherous substances exactly does it’s depression create? And to what end? 

I am, in all things, a scholar- Truly, my breath abates, my heart grows quick in anticipation of a greater understanding!


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  1. Bookworm Hienrichs Bookworm Hienrichs April 1, 2011

    “My Page” is your personal profile page.  If you click on “Edit,” and then “Personal Information,” you can add an introduction, something about your origins if you wish, a link, etc.  Information shown in “Citizens” under “Other Sections” draws from that–so it *may* be that you have to have that information to show up in that list.  (But I’m not sure about that.)


    “My Blog” is a list of all blog posts you’ve posted.  You can post a new blog entry from there.


    “Create Content” lets you add a blog post, discussion, image, etc.

  2. Senjata Witt Senjata Witt April 1, 2011

    Ah— most astute and nimble-fingered Ms.Hienrichs, and NOW we begin to make some headway, but only just to begin, as it is plain, in your own estimation of uncertainty, that even your scholarly personage is daunted and befuddled by the precise details of these cryptical tomes!

    I do thank you for stepping forth a dainty shoe toward this fearful expedition, though I must take exception to your offering of a word in definition of itself. If said blog button does in fact maintain a record of all “blogs” one has created, we had best, and by neccessity, define the term “blog” in the context of this ediface, especially as in my excavations herein, I have uncovered a further collection of “links” to “blogs” elsewhere in the aether.

    Another grave mystery has been brought to my attention by one who has found himself stricken from these pages altogether- That of binding ones aethery self to one’s pixeled persona within New Babbage proper. Such information is undubitoubly critical, entirely, and yet, for further elucidation, I was myself forced to tunnel to the depths of a cleverly hidden FAQ, (Kept in a locked filing cabinet, in an unused washroom, with no lamp, and a sign upon the door which read: “Beware The Leopard!”)

    Tragedy befell my… “friend”, who failed in his grasp of the importance of this obscure oath of citizenship, (an oath, I might add, which even the most esteemed Mr. Tenk has fallen short of, for reasons entirely unknown!) – and he is with us here no longer.  I have undertaken another expedition to recover that lost soul, but this is neither the time nor place to explain.

    Are there other brave souls in these as-yet unhallowed halls who would
    boldly raise quill against a serpent of ignorance, or gallantly lay
    cloak over miserable muddy morasses of misunderstanding? 




    • Sheryl Skytower Sheryl Skytower April 1, 2011

      *head explodes*

      Waitz… I’s got another ’round here somewhere…

      • Senjata Witt Senjata Witt April 1, 2011

        ~eyes the automaton with precisely the suspicion automatons deserve~

    • Felisa Fargazer Felisa Fargazer April 1, 2011

      To address the second paragraph:

      Some people maintain their blog here on the Babbage Aethernet Reader.  Some maintain one elsewhere.  Some (like me) actually do both.  (I post here, and use Livejournal as a backup.)  The “Create Blog” is to create your blog posts here.  If you have a blog elsewhere that you wish to highlight, that can be added to the Personal Blogs and Journals page–though I’m not sure to whom one would speak on that.

      The rest–I can’t actually address.  I read and use the BAR fairly extensively, but I do not maintain it.

      • Felisa Fargazer Felisa Fargazer April 1, 2011

        (( ~laugh~  We seriously need a ‘delete comment’ function on here.))

        • Senjata Witt Senjata Witt April 1, 2011

          ((erasers are always useful tools. Alas, to quote Omar Khayyam,

          “The moving finger writes, and, having writ, moves on. Nor all your piety, nor wit, shall call it back to cancel half a line, nor all your tears wash out a word of it.

          Happily, our piety and Witt are given the “Edit” reprieve. ))

          • Jedburgh30 Dagger Jedburgh30 Dagger April 1, 2011

            Or you can call one of your friendly forum mods, and they (or I) will be glad to drop the hammer and make it go away.


            • Senjata Witt Senjata Witt April 2, 2011

              ((Thank you Jed. Not entirely clear what needed away-go-making the context of this thread, though…))

  3. Senjata Witt Senjata Witt April 1, 2011

    An unfortunate, potentially embarassing mishap has befallen me in my explorations, it seems. I was puzzling over a cryptic button labeled “sign-ups” and noted that above the toggle were inscribed glowing words, “current” and “available”. Harmless enough, surely, to touch the devices and have a peek at what they contained, I assured myself. The word “current” was extinguished, I noted, and so I passed my fingertips across that one which read “available”…

    …and was met with the equally mysterious (and vaguely unsettling) pronouncement:

    “Congratulations, you have replied to all of the content on the site that is accepting signups.”

    Oh dear. Replied?  To what end?  I do hope nothing communicable can be contracted in this manner! And for what precisely have I … *gulp* “signed up?!

    • Glaubrius Valeska Glaubrius Valeska April 1, 2011

      O dear.  Do be careful before answering your door now, lest you be beset with odd personages on your doorstep grinning and winking….

      • Senjata Witt Senjata Witt April 1, 2011


        Do tell me, good sir, that something might be done to remedy my terrible misstep, or that some protection is somehow afforded to those who have fallen into such an unfortunate circumstance!

        • Glaubrius Valeska Glaubrius Valeska April 1, 2011

          Well, of course, there is the militia. And a recent event, into which I was accidentally involved, wherein, at the point of greatest peril, every Babbager present was able to produce a weapon of some kind, demonstrated the self-reliant status quo hereabout. I do believe the feminine residents of NB can assist you in chusing a discrete engine of self-defense that is both tasteful and a pleasing accessory to your kit.

          • Senjata Witt Senjata Witt April 1, 2011

            ~ponders whether a blunderbus would be sufficiently “discrete” to deter inappropriate advances~


            ~ponders then whether the weight of such a firearm might not topple her small personage directly off into the Vernian Sea.~

            • Glaubrius Valeska Glaubrius Valeska April 1, 2011

              Well then,  you should call on Mss Hermit, as she is an expert in such things, and can advise you. A blunderbuss, alas, would be quite an impediment, what with it’s size and weight and difficulty keeping a charge loaded, the large amount of wadding required… but I digress. I can think of few ladies hereabout who are completely unarmed. Perhaps a nice derringer for you clutch? Citizen Scottie Melnik is a proprietor of fine firearms in Port Babbage you could consider.

              • Jedburgh30 Dagger Jedburgh30 Dagger April 1, 2011

                The advantage of the fashionably large skirts is that one can carry a large numbers of weapons concealed on your person.  I rather prefer my trapper Winchester carbine for such matters as a blunderbus is far too much of an antique.

                Kiergarten Arms in Palisade has a very large stock and variety of weapons well suited for any purpose in town.  I shop there.  A lot.

  4. Senjata Witt Senjata Witt April 2, 2011

    In truth- I am not comfortable with most weapons, although my uncle made certain that I was quite capable with a hunting rifle. Still-  carrying one about would not please me. I’d much prefer to acquire the fond protections of some of the many non-villainous gentlemen of New Babbage. They’re better company than bullets, as well! 

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