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an Important Message to the Citizens of New babbage

Citizens of New Babbage, i write of an issue that has become a Danger To our fair City.

our own Militia Captain Bookworm Hienrichs,

this Person claims to love our city, and wish to see its Citizens safe,and yet spends more time leaving to go on adventures, no doubt for her own profit or interests, then for the benefit of this community.

this woman who in the name of the law has harassed honest citizens, restricted business, and has used her office to threaten or imprison the innocent.

someone who time and again has failed to bring villains to task for their crimes, and has had to call on others, my self included, to pull her bacon from the fire when things got there darkest.

this same person who has just recently been released from the Asylum for the Insane!

and if rumor is true stood by passively and without remorse, while a well beloved member of our community was cruelly murdered, by a band of vigilantes on Foreign soil.

this is unconscionable! Hienrichs must not be allowed to hold the safety of this land in her incompetent grip!

therefore i call for her removal from office and that general elections be held to find a replacement.

furthermore i myself intend to run a campaign for that same office, we need a strong hand at administration and the management of large numbers of personnel in command.

not some flighty half witted, if not insane adventuress!

yours in service to the Fair City of New Babbage            Violet Solano

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