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Airship Regatta memories

Daring pilots, builders of airships and novel flying machines in competition just outside the harbors of Babbage. Spectators watch at their own risk (the viewing platform has never even caught on fire, so its reasonably safe – mostly).







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  1. Darlingmonster Ember Darlingmonster Ember February 4, 2013

    Oh yes! And much excitement and close jostling! And crashes, oh, the crashes!

    Are we to be doing a new Regatta this year?

    • Mr Tenk Mr Tenk February 4, 2013

      AE has too much on his plate right now. it may still happen later in the year.

  2. Blackberry Harvey Blackberry Harvey February 4, 2013

    My airship sure epitomized “look pretty and come in last place”, but it was lots of fun!

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