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Aetheric Flux (The Dark Aether)


Avariel Falcon watched the clockwork repairing the ancient machinery.

With the portal station locked down by the aetheric flux the clockwork unicorn decided to focus on other projects, and what better project than exploring the world of adventure that lay under her hooves in the steam tunnels of the power station.

The high frequency power transfer system was an ancient relic, from a time when aether craft filled the sky and required small efficient power transfer systems. By using high frequencies the engineers of the old era were able to reduce the size and weight, but at the cost of range.

In the modern era high frequency transfer was a relic, what modern craft would want to use a system that could bearly transfer power accross the city? But then Avariel started thinking, what if she used it to power self winding mechanisms in the clockwork, the receivers were small enough and they could run forever without winding!

Maybe it would make Mr Tenk sad to no longer have to wind the occasional unfortunate run down clockwork, but it would revolutionise life for many of her kind.

And so the work begun to resurrect the ancient technology for a new era.


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  1. Avariel Falcon Avariel Falcon October 22, 2011
    [Hmm… ended up with a comment somehow and can’t delete it, so lets make some use of it…
    This is only vagely connected to the Dark Aether story arc, but does tie in a few other RP events that advance the timeline of the Clockhave Power Station.
    It has also lead to the activation of the high frequency antenna in-world, which now has a real reason to be there.]

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