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Aetheric Flux #3 (The Dark Aether)

Avariel and Mr Spires looked at the small three sided pyramid shaped box, glowing gently on the table…

The clockwork unicorn pointed at the box, “I’m afraid this will be somewhat of a lecture, but please hear me out.”.

“With the data Unit #6 and I gathered from your world and the bits and pieces of the old AP&E records I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that this is not a cloud angel at all.”.

Mr Spires looked somewhat suprised at the statement, but the unicorn continued…

“From what I have been able to gather it appears that there is a complex aetheric eco-system out there, with many species of entity that have various properties. The cloud angels of your world are like dragons, they are fierce and dangerous, hard to subdue and prone to escaping with terrible consequences!”.

“I witnessed the way everyone ran for shelters in fear as the warning sirens sounded, for example one man who stumbled into Unit #6 screamed at us ‘The Angels are Coming! Run for your Lives!’, this does tend to suggest that there is a certain amount of apprehension about this particular power source.”.

“But at no point did this entity seam like a raging dragon, more like a… docile shire horse… yes, that would be a better analogy.”.

“I have no doubt that such an entity could be dangerous, but very hard to anger.”.

“This is where the old and somewhat fragmented AP&E records finally make some degree of sense, it appears that the AP&E company of old were researching into alternative power sources and this was probably one of the results of that research, a new entity to provide power that can be harnessed through the power of music… I would love to know how they worked that out!”.

“This is only a theory mind, but I suspect that a similar thing happened on your world but rather than the discovery becoming lost, as happened when the old AP&E company went bankrupt, the discovery was instead taken up by the government. Maybe classified so that only a few knew of it.”.

“I have the feeling that your home government may have not been totally honest with you, perhaps for their own reasons… The empire would no doubt lose face with the people if they were no longer able to subdue the mighty cloud angels? And what of the power of nightmares, the power that a common enemy to be protected against can give to a totalitarian government?”.

“Yes, I think there is much more to this than meets the eye, but that will be something for another adventure…”.


[Much of this is theoy work by Avariel and Unit #6, are they right? Only time will tell…]

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