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Aetheric Flux #2 (The Dark Aether?)

Avariel Falcon looked at a small box sitting on the bench in her private laboratory at the Clockhaven power station.

The box was a three sided pyramid, about six inches tall, and it glowed with the light of the entity living inside. Not only that, but it sang a sleepy tranquil song.

After the excitement of stealing the entity away from the other world power station subsided a new and infinitely more tricky problem became apparent, what was Avariel going to do with the entity in the box now?

Should she release it? Or maybe construct a new power station for it to live in?

And then there was the book, the book that told of monsters and friends dieing in nasty ways. The book mentioned something that could just be a coincidence… or was it? The latest page mentioned a cloud angel, one of the mythical creatures that supposedly powered the old empire, but was that what she had in the box? Was this a cloud angel, or some other entity that just happened to be powering a city?

The clockwork unicorn pondered this, she had expected cloud angels to be all white and fluttery, with wings and feathers and such. But this entity was more like a glowing collection of aetheric gasses.

But assuming that this was a cloud angel, was it the one mentioned in the book, handed over in a sack? The box would certainly be small enough for that, but then again it could just be a coincidence…

Anyhow, it was time for another maintenance cycle, maybe things would make more sense later…


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