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Aetheric Correspondence.


Dear Professor Westbridge,

I read with some considerable interest of your work in discovering one of the lost AP&E sites in the jungles of Emerald Bay. This is the first of the five documented sites to be successfully located since the discovery of the New-Babbage site, which is quite an impressive accomplishment in and of itself.

Further to this I am even more impressed with your work to renovate and restore the site to operational condition. Although as you may have guessed I do have a certain degree of bad news for you on this matter. Truly it has to be said that if you had written to me of this earlier I may have saved you a considerable amount of wasted effort.

The schematic diagrams and photographic illuminations show both of the generators on this site to be of the same basic design as the main generator at the New-Babbage AP&E site. I would go further to state that they appear to be of a more modern design, with several additional design features that would most likely improve system stability and power flow capacity.

I also note the addition of a fail-safe device, similar to the one I designed and installed to the New-Babbage generator. It is interesting to see that the engineers of the old era thought along similar lines…

Sadly there is one distinct difference between the two plants, which you have probably guessed from your aetheric scope observations. The Emerald Bay site lacks aetheric anomalies within the generator cores.

Without these anomalies the generators will not function as these are the source of the aetheric power flow that is converted by the core and the field regulators into electricity.

It is interesting that the Emerald Bay plant has two generators. My research has led me to think that these anomalies are vanishingly rare, so to have two naturally occurring on one site seams statistically phenomenal, if not highly improbable.

This does in some measure support the theory mooted by the late Doctor Falcon that the early era builders may have had some means of artificially generating these anomalies. Although so far my research has failed to come up with any notes or explanation of how this would have been accomplished.

Maybe there are more clues at the Emerald Bay site? There must have been some manner of apparatus to catalyse such anomalies, and if one were to find an example of such apparatus then it would be the key to making aetheric power available to everyone.

One thing of some note that may provide some measure of silver lining to the situation, displayed within the photographic illumination of the yet to be restored north wing of the site is what appears to be a very early attempt at creating a portal generator. This would be a discovery of great magnitude in itself if it were to be proved true. Maybe that is why the old AP&E company built a plant with such great generating capacity in the depths of an uninhabited jungle?

It would be very interesting to compare the design of this portal to the one invented by Doctor Falcon and myself.

Please send more details!

If you require additional funding the AP&E company would be very happy to extend to you a sizable grant to cover your expenses.


Yours truly,

Avariel Falcon.



Aetheric Power & Engineering Company of New-Babbage.

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