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Aetheric Correspondence #3 – The Dark Aether

Dear Professor Westbridge,

By the time you receive this correspondence there is a distinct possibility that I and the rest of New-Babbage will have been destroyed.

We are at a pivotal point in proceedings and the results of the next few days could well decide the future of New-Babbage and perhaps even the world.

You may remember that ancient knightly fellow I mentioned in my past correspondence. He has a plan that represents the only real hope of ending the dark aether threat. The problem is that theory suggests the forces released in the application of this plan could well be sufficient to bring about the destruction which it is intended to avoid. Still, I feel that this is the only course of action open to us at this time, and so we must proceed.

We should know the outcome after Friday, when we have scheduled the plan to commence at 1PM within the grounds of the Clockhaven Power Station.

Hopefully I can encourage the few remaining defenders of the city to gather at this time to enact the ancient ritual required. Although I am at a loss as to how I will invite the presence of the ‘Spirit of the City’ as is apparently required.

I have sent you copies of my research notes regarding the aetheric entities and the portal research. Should the worse happen these are entrusted to you for safe keeping and the future good. If events take a bad turn these notes may well be required to help fight the menace that would rise from such an occurrence.

Take care, and good luck.

Yours truly,

Avariel Falcon.



Aetheric Power & Engineering Company of New-Babbage.

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