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Academy of Industry

The Academy of Industry is Second Life’s first builder’s college dedicated to steampunk, neo-victorian, and retro-futurist building styles.

Headquartered in the Academy building in the steampunk city of New Babbage, the Academy offers courses ranging from the historical to the technical, and from detailed, hands-on build seminars to broad conceptual overviews.

The Academy’s faculty are experienced, well-regarded builders who conduct both lecture and hands-on build seminars at specially constructed locations inworld. Degree and certificate programs are being developed.


A directory of Faculty can be found here. Faculty are nominated by the current faculty and approved by Clockwinder Tenk.

How to Register

At this time, registration for Academy courses must be done inworld. A series of kiosks are set up in the Academy lobby listing course information; touching one will give you the opportunity to register.

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