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A Thorne in the Path

Professor Quinn hunched over the latest anomaly reports plaguing the city.  He had finally dismissed the ‘rogue portal hunters’ at the start of the month and had received two per day.  The latest claimed a massive leviathan suddenly appeared in the Quarry Hill Lake.  There were several other reports about random portals depositing beasts and causing destruction in their wake.  

 Initially, he believed them to be falsified and paid them no mind, but after verifying a number of them personally it had become a top priority.  A priority he was determined to resolve without reinstating the ‘hunters’.

His research was interupted by a knock at the door.  He set himself straight and bid them to enter. Mr. Pendle was pale as he walked into Quinn’s office, a telegram clenched in his grasp that he offered the Professor slowly.  When the recipient tried to take it, he found that Pendle would not release his grip.

“I’ve got it, thank you.” The professor chimed making the small man blink and release the paper. His gauntlets could have ripped it out of Pendle’s grasp, but not while preserving the message.  There was no need for rudeness either.

He swiftly understood what had upset the poor man.  Dean Thorne had not been very pleased with his report.  He read it quickly getting the gist of the missive:  ‘Clockworks did not have souls and could therefore not leave behind an ectoplasmic resonance.  Clockworks cannot hallucinate so it was clear Unit 6 must be malfunctioning.’

Thorne continued that both situations would cause the populace unnecessary discomfort.  The idea that a clockwork could have a spirit might make people question the morals of their usage.   The solution that the Dean provided was the decommission of Unit 6 and to melt him and Dr. Falcon’s original form down to scrap metal.

It was a logical response to the situation, but one that would leave many sorry and disappointed.  He had been hoping to create a monument from the parts, but it appeared this would be the permenant end of Doctor Falcon.

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  1. Avariel Falcon Avariel Falcon September 26, 2016

    *ponders* Winter is coming! *with a massive increase in rogue portals*

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