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A strange discovery on reviving the already perished

April 20th

 I recently purchased a box full of medical texts and old notebooks belonging to my
recently deceased colleague Dr. S-. Only two days ago did I go through all the
notebooks and journals, most of them being old editions of New Babbage medical
journal and rather outdated surgery textbooks. Among the more interesting ones
was a small book on applications for biomechanology.

 As I opened the book I was surprised to see a small stack of paper folded neatly between
the pages. The papers contained a number of calculations and rather clumsy
drawings of frogs and other small animals attached to an energy source not unlike
a small bioelectric energy retractor. The late doctor seems to have
experimented on reviving small animals from near death-like state! For some
reason they had discontinued the research after a few setbacks, mostly
concerning inappropriate energy current.

 I suddenly remembered seeing an energy extractor powered by miasmatized honey in a museum
of modern engineering some years ago. Surely such a contraption could easily be
reproduced for my laboratory…That reminds me I have discovered an excellent
source of high quality honey near my clinic. The bees seem to defend their nest
rather vigorously though. I was even stung by an angry bee the other day. The
strangest thing was, I could almost swear it was humming some unfamiliar tune

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  1. Morgan Douglas Morgan Douglas April 22, 2014

    You best mind those bees, they can be ornery critters more often than not. I know a thing or two about them— being from bee country. You want honey, come see Morgan Douglas. I got alfalfa, clover, moorland nightshade, cinderberry, uncle tupelo—pretty well any variety you could name. I specialize in creams and waxes but if you want that fancy miasmatized stuff I reckon I could accomodate. Fairest prices, I promise.

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