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A Splash in the Bucket

It had been good to get out of the house after two weeks of training her new pet, the mogwai she had affectionately dubbed Chim.  She didn’t dare take him for out for walks during the day, but a nighttime stroll seemed to make him happy.  It was unfortunate that he and her other pets were not getting along, apparently hyenas didn’t like the smell of mogwai very much.

 Hally had never visited the Bucket of Blood before, and despite the seedy nature it held a charmful, cozy feeling that she only became aware of after a few swigs of absinthe.  The bar was warm, a log fire illuminated the room casting shadows on the walls while everyone drank and talked about missing and returned friends and the approach of Hallows Eve.  The costumes had been truly remarkable, especially the ugly flesh masked, fake-bearded, circus ringleader down on his luck.  She had been rather shocked to find out he was the local royalty.

 Patrons went in and out all night while Hally enjoyed her absinthe at the bar.  It was around the time a cheetah cub began to lament his brewery having to close because of Mornington taxes that she first noticed Chim looking at her drink.  It coo’d softly and she happily let it take a swig itself.  

The mogwai took a quick sip and retched at the taste, making Hally giggle even harder as it hiccupped soon after.  

A lanky man near her asked what kind of creature it was, and they had a short inebriated discussion where they eventually agreed that it was some kind of chinese monkey.  It had apparently been a long time since there had been a monkey in the bar, and the cook tried to shoo it away by throwing water at it.  

Hally had been too slow to react, but she dried it off as quickly as possible and hid her pet in her jacket as it started to…bubble…and then pop.  She soon had to excuse herself as her jacket seemed to be filling with strange tiny furballs that errupted from the spots the mogwai had gotten wet.

By the time she got home, she found that she had a litter of tiny mogwai, not just Chim.  She grinned as the little angels started to tear up the furniture.


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  1. Grendel Footman Grendel Footman November 2, 2014

    they must be famished after all that budding, when’s their dinner? after midnight?


    • Hally Xiang Hally Xiang November 2, 2014

      No, but they’re starting to get really fiesty around that time…poor things.  Started giving them late night snacks just before, and turns out they really like absinthe and red meat.  Might even take them out for a night at the Red Dragon later this week.  That should feel like home.

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