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A slow return Part VI: Cat-And-Mouse

(( Private journal entry, but please feel free to comment ))


    “Lets get this show on the road eh cap’n?” Shouted navigations officer Colton, as the fleet swung around the northern end of Babbage after running silent in a game of cat-and-mouse with a nearby battleship. “Aye, run the engines up to full and lets get this over with…we have the element of surprise, and the wind at our advantage. As soon as she’s sighted, light er’ up good an well shall we?” rang Marits voice over the radio, as the fleet split up so as to surround and trap the enemy ship that they so delicatly tip-toed around for days unnoticed. “I wonder why they kept trying to catch up with us, and why they kept launching radar blimps all over the bloody skyline…It’s like they were trying to drive us out of the smog or something.” shouted Captain Loriant, the acting captain on board the destroyer.

    As the battleship came into range through the smog, Marit sent out a single observation blimp to move in closer in case the battleship isnt a threat. Moving closer to the ship, the crew aboard waved white flags, and cleared the aft landing pad for the blimp. Once landed, the ships captain waltzed over and saluted the blimps captain, “Thank you for flying over here captain, we were beginning to think we were tracking a ghostship or something…I’m rather amazed that we ran around the city for this time, but I couldnt land my  ship there you see, were from the Northern Sig Fleet, the last battleship from it…we were unsure of the city and noted a blip on our radar and decided to make contact.” Looking at the battleships captain, Captain Sinclair smiled “Well sir, I’ll radio to the fleet, you were following us, and we had just began following you…If you’d like, we wouldnt mind keeping your ship amongst our im sure. You’d have to follow our fleet-procedures, but we can protect you, and help repair this…ship…to whatever its prime condition should be, seeing as it looks rather tattered…”

    Radioing back ot the fleet, the captain had the battleship follow his blimp over to the Deimos, where Marit met with them. “Good work Captain, you may return to the carrier now. As for you sir, I am Captain Marit Static of the Inquisition fleet, we are circling the city of New Babbage while my associate rebuilds some things for my stay there. You are welcome to keep up with us, as I’ll send a man over to your ship to help keep up with our sop’s. After my return to the city, you can stay with the fleet till they make it back to grid A133, wherein your ship can be repaired. You and your crew may also join the fleet permenantly if you wish.” After that had been said, the two chatted for about an hour before the captain returned to his ship along with a crew member from the Deimos. “Well Colton…looks like we have some new friends eh? I’ll retire to the main battleship for the night, keep watch for more ships blundering about and keep me posted…”

    After returning to the ship, Marit ordered the fleet to rig for silent running and land in a cove of a nearby island for the night. Slowly, the fleet landed into the ocean, one by one, as smooth as they could to keep the noise down, keeping one destroyer in the air, and submerging another, the fleet set to change out its rotations onboard the ships allowing the weary crews some rest.

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