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A slow return Part V

((Private journal, but please feel free to comment))


“…Message……Static…Ah, here we go, radio’s working right again. Captain, its Balthazar, I’m reporting that all-is-well up in section 13, and I fixed the rings and used them to get to the other ship. The repairs and construction of parts of it shall take some time, as I’m sure you’d want the bridge finished before your return at least. The hull of the bridge has been repaired and the interior is under construction as we speak. I had to remove allot of piping and vent steam to other areas of the ship to shut the bridge down and restore power to the control room.” The message was heard be Lieutenant Briggs, who reported it back to Marit. This was the beginning of construction of the last ship of its type, an unfinished prototype that was never named, andnever compleated, but only a floating hulk in space over the grid.

    “Allright, thank you Briggs, tell him to keep up the good work, I want the control room and bridge finished at least, seal all corridoes between and shut down all nonessential systems and rooms. run the good air through the vents to only those two rooms and any halls needed in between, and re-rout all other air through any good piping throughought the ship tofor whenever we need more”. running off to deliver the message, Briggs seemed happy, because he knew that once the prototype was done, he’d be the comms officer. “Well, I’m glad that Balthazar knows what he’s doing…I cant wait to get onboard and see what he’s done since we first started building it. Last week he reported starting a turret, now the bridge and hopefully soon he can get into the control room so he can re-rout some air and shielding. running around in a space suit and back and fourth between ships is annoying >_<“

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