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A slow return Part IV

((Private journal entry, but feel free to comment)) 


   “……Calling…..Capt……Static….Come in Cap…..Can you….hea……me…”. The call came over the radio in the early morning to the Deimos.

    “Captain, its Balthazar. Seems he’s procured a radio whilst there, looks like we dont need to send a unit for him yet.” yelled the Lieutennant over the sound of the engines, having had them cranked all the way up to full steam due to the harsh winds. “Seems as though your intel on the shield was accurate, the owner of it seems to have upgraded it allot, per Lectar’s message”. “Well captain, I’m glad to hear that…perhaps She’ll let me land a zero on her runway once again for my return to Babbage…It’d be a nice way to come back at least.”

    As the Deimos turned around to go with the winds, the crew  started to search for possible islands to land the ships near to avoid the weather. “Captain, I see a cove large enough to park the ships in, lets bring her down and sail in…half speed, down thirty degrees, keep er’ steady will we are about two hundred feet over the surface, than bring us to one-fourth and fifteed degrees for a smooth landing why dont’cha” rang Marits voice over the radio from the destroyer ahead.

    “I wonder, I never knew the winds were like this around here…meh, anyways, looks like we’re going to be out of communication range of Balthazar for a while…someone dispatch a zero overhead and radio to him whats happening eh.” And with that a young seaman ran off with the message to the communications room. Knocking on her door, the seaman walked in about an hour afterawrds. “Ma’am, Lectar wanted to tell you that he’d like to have a cargo ship with the supplies listed here” handing over the list the seaman waited on her reply “Good job seaman, go on, go have your dinner and relax for the evening. looks like it’ll be a long few days, and give the list to the carrier and have them dispatch a supply ship with what he needs”.

    As the ship set sail for the Vernian Deep, Marit looked over the list  in her hand. “Hmm…looks like he’s making some sort of ship with a communications array and a home at that. I guess he likes New Babbage hehehe. I’ll be home soon though, and with the supplies to fix my TARDIS as needed to take off again.”

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  1. Marit_Static Marit_Static October 29, 2010

    Thankies!!! I do miss everyone, you included Mr. Footman.

  2. Marit_Static Marit_Static October 29, 2010

    Thankies!!! I do miss everyone, you included Mr. Footman.

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