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A slow return Part I

    Quietly sailing through the clouds the Deimos, closley folllowed by its small fleet, crept closer to the City of New Babbage. Looking off the port side of the ship Abaddon6 noted the lights in the distance to the captain…”Captain Static, I see ships ahead, thats not Babbage…it would seem that there has been some assortment of magnetic interferance in the area, we are going north, not east”. The signal from the boatswain’s pipe told the ships in trail to begin a slow, and large turn so as not to disperse there cloud coverage and make the group of ships obvious.

    Walking towards the front of the ship, Kain tapped Marit on the shoulder after she stedied the ship “I hope all is well captain Static?”. Turning to face him she looked off the port side of the ship “All is well Kain, we’ve been dodging small groups of ships all night to keep our approach unseen…I cant wait to return to New Babbage, wether i buy up land or not this time. Wont you two stay?”. Walking back into his Tardis, Kain laughed “No my little shipwright, I think I’ll enjoy my travels abroad, and Abaddon6 has his ‘quest’ of knowledge and research to find any remains of our motherland”. As the ship phased off the deck of the Deimos, Marit went back to the helm and gave the ship another turn as the boatswain piped off again.

    “Sooner or later I’ll see those fog covered lights I miss ever so much. It’s a shame i had to run so abruptly with only the mayor knowing…I wonder whats been going on in my absense?”…Walking to the plank, she got aboard her smaller ship, and went back to her cabin aboard the Soverign battleship for some rest.

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