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A Short Parting of Ways

I met my employer, the dear Mr. John Smythe nearly two years ago.  I was brand new to the  Steamlands ((and to SL)) and I was shopping to furnish my new apartment at Brunel Hall.  Mr. Smythe and I were both admiring the same dusty estate pipe when we struck up a conversation.

He mentioned needing a traveling companion.  Someone to carry his contraptions and make polite dinner conversation.  Being an assistant had never really occured to me.  I have been running my own affairs my whole life and have had quite the successful career as a solicitor.

What he proposed however, was just what I needed.  I had found myself peering out the window far to often, wishing to see distant lands and meet new and interesting people.

There was a twinkle in his eye that lead me to believe the job that lay before me would hold far more adventure carrying about his contraptions.

And so it has been, and continues to be.  He is my best friend and the kindest fatherly figure I have known.

Unfortunatley, last night we received terrible news which required Mr. Smythe to take his leave at once.  His Mother is ill and shall surely die.  He has gone to be with her until that end comes.  

Until he returns, which he has assured me will be no more than a few weeks, his lab, which is attached to the Forsythe Estate in the Academy of Industry remains dormant.

What strange adventures await me while the catylist of my adventure is out having a dark and lonesome adventure of his own?

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