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a rumor heard

Omig walked into the Solano transport office and looked down at violet” got a bit of news for you”

the Rabbit stopped writing with a sigh ” is it important?”

omig poured out a brandy” maybe mam one of the foot pads saw Hally talking to Hienrichs”

violet slammed her fist on her desk “if that little monster ratted us out to Hienrichs, i will have her skin for mittens!”

the wolf Moreau shook his head” no mam it was about the fire, the second one, Hally said that some one named Prometheus was behind it”

 Miss Solano leaned back in her chair ” and the titan Prometheus shall bring fire to Man”

the wolf shook hs head again “i don’t know nothing about that mam”

Violet laughed ” im not surprised”

“what ever you say mam “omig replied ” do you want us to do something about this Prometheus?”

Violet laced her fingers behind her head  ” absolutely not! as long as this Prometheus is running about its a distraction to Hienrichs, if we poke our muzzles in then its something she will see as a  connection , and turn up the heat on us even more, no it doesn’t sound like trouble for us, and if it becomes such? im sure we’ll have plenty of warning”

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