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A Return To New Babbage, And A Light Opening

(Leaflets found scattered across the city)

Greetings New Babbage,

I have recently returned from abroad, and find New Babbage in the midst of a distressing rebellion.  How unfortunate.  The effect of these incidents upon the finacial community can be devastating, and I trust the city leaders are taking the matter in hand.  I shall be calling upon them soon as both property owner and entrepreneur to be assured that they are so doing.

With that, I am happy to find my own property unscathed by the rabble, having been left in the capable hands of the rather exhorbitantly paid young Master Branagh whose expensive services, of course, will no longer be required.

Events at the Wax Museum will return in a short time, and I have decided to follow the influence of the famous Madame Toussaud’s establishment in Paris, and open The Chamber of Horrors to the public before its completion.  What with the difficulty in obtaining materials of late, and the general slovenliness of some of the artists, the Chamber may not be complete until late Spring, and I think it more edifying and entertaining to the public to permit them to observe the displays as they are constructed.

A few displays are completed.  Mr. Edgar Allen Poe, the master of horror and the macabre,  Vlad of Wallachia, a fierce bloodthirsty Romanian warrior prince also known as Drakulya, and Dr. Andre DeLambre, whose early experiments in teleportation ended tragically, but which today benefit us all in an almost perfectly safe manner.

Access to the Chamber is next to the bar in the Wax Museum.  Please read the warnings carefully before entering.

I am most happy to have returned to New Babbage, and hope to meet many more of its wonderful citizens soon.



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  1. The Reporter The Reporter January 28, 2013

    *Snatches the bit of paper up from the ground. An imperceptable smile fills his eyes.*

    “It almost writes itself…”

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