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A Raptr Rants

Dr. Dino paced the parlor while Metal Raptor watched.
“That Horse has been busting up my doom clocks? how? I had the one in the hospital cemented to the floor!  is the one underground still secure?”
The MetalRaptor nodded

“Okay, maybe we can salvage this, I’m sure they won’t like to see Loner Lane become the next Pompeii.  scout around, find other locations, and if you see anyone tamper with them, take this.
*Dr. Dinosaur hands the automoton a pistol-like device* this should cool them down. *Doctor Dinosaur laughs at his very bad joke and turns to his Biographer, sitting in the corner transcribing all he says into a Typogmorpier 800*  “George, you got that joke down correct?”

“please sir, I haven’t seen my family all week, this was just supposed to be a quick interview, not a whole biography!”

“well, my last transcriber took a dive off the Aeroraptor by acident, you don’t want any accident’s do you?”

“um, no sir, please, continue”

“very good, so, Metalraptor, you have your orders”

the construct nodded.

“good, now hop to it”

Doctor Dino watched as the Metal Raptor left the deck on it’s task and turned to his sandwich “roast badger…wait, tomatos? I HATE TOMATOS”

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