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A Problem Presented

It was a dark and stormy night… well, a cool spring evening actually, but in spirit it was dark and stormy. In the hidden cellar a group of hooded figures sat around a heavy oak table, scattered with books and piles of paper. The one at the head of the table looked round at the many empty spaces and spoke.
“I see the club has thrived in my absence….”
The voice was gruff, but remarkably light for one in such an exalted position, and the one that replied as also higher pitched than expected.
“ah… oh…. well, yer see, High Chair, ain’t been much business we been needed fer recently, Sir!”
“No.” came the sonorous reply, and it was with a little nervousness that the second speaker continued.
” Oh Great High Chair, we got an urchin as has asked if we can give them some help with a ticklish situation, can we bring the supplicant down, blindfolded, of course?”
There was a pause, and an expectant hush over the gathering, as the High Chair considered the request, then came his decision.
“Do it!”

Over at the Sneaky Vole, Leon was comatose, head resting on the table, an empty test tube beside him. Strifeclaw looked up from his piano playing as Tepic slid down the rope from the floor above and greeted him before turning back to the joana. The foxboy leant close to his sleeping friend and woke him gently by yelling in his ear “oyy, Leon, wake up!”.
As the sleeper awoke, Tepic explained it was time to meet the secretive council who might be able to help find Snow. He lead the still befuddled boy out of the Vole and into the alleys of the Warren, keeping him moving and turning to increase his confusion. Once the were over the canal, Tepic drew out a strip of cloth, blindfolding his friend with strict warnings not to take it off, then spun him round three times and pushing him from side to side as he lead him to a doorway.

The two stood at the end of the heavy table, the feeling of danger very real, and Leon jumped as a voice from in front of him called, “Is this the one?”.
“Oh High Chair an members of the Under Thirteen Club,” Tepic said, “i brings before yer a chap as has need of us, will yer hear him?”
“Has he been warned of the consequences of revealing us?” said the voice Leon now associated with the High Chair.
“errrrr……… not yer, yer honour, since he don’t know who we is or where we are….”
There was the beginnings of a snicker from one side of the table, quickly cut off as the High Chair glanced in that direction.
“an yer better at that than i am…..”
“Boy, if you tell of where we are, or who, we will take your favourite toy. Do you understand that?”
The blindfold boy swallowed nervously in the face of this dire threat, buy nodded and declared his understanding. There were looks exchanged from beneath hoods all around the table, and the High Chair gave his assent for the lad to continue.

Leon explained about Snow going missing, his own searches, and his conclusions that the lad may be a werewolf, which drew exclamations of disbelief until he tossed the claw he had found onto the table he guessed was in front of him. It was passed from hand to hand, each youngster examining it carefully before relinquishing it to his, or her, neighbour. Several knew Snow and spoke up in his favour, and after taking a consensus, the High Chair declared the Under Thirteen Club would assist with it’s skills and resources in the attempt to locate and recover Snow safely.

After checking which urchins might have had experience in dealing with werewolves, they discovered that Tepic, with his interaction with Tenderpaws, or Rasend, was the only one. The High Chair immediately placed the organisation of the search and rescue in his hands. The others produced pencils and scraps of paper, ready to take notes on the plan, which was firstly to try and locate the lad, in whatever guise he was in. Leon, still blindfolded, reported that in addition to being scented near Loki’s Cafe, he had also been tracked to the environs of the Old Courthouse. This sent a shiver round the table, the idea there was a fierce and potentially dangerous werewolf so near to the secret meeting place was a real worry. Tepic suggested they set a watch on top of the Sneaky Vole building, and also on the rooftops around the Cafe. That way they could keep a good area under sight while ensuring the safety of the watchers.
Once they knew where Snow was hiding, and the routes he took, they could plan on setting a trap to capture him, or if he was back to normal, take him to the safety of the Vole.

It was decided to use just members of the Club to watch, as with the influx of new urchins, and the need to keep the whole affair a closely guarded secret, they could not know who else could be trusted, though Leon stoutly defended Lilith. The Vole could be used as a message drop to co-ordinate everything.

With everything settled, and Leon reminded about the consequences of revealing anything he had learned about the Club, the High Chair asked if there was any other business.  With a slight reluctance, Tepic mentioned his arrangement with the newcomers in the sewers, and with a deep breath prepared to tell them the details…..

To be continued!

((OOC information – The watch is set up in imagination, there is no need for members of the Under Thirteen Club to be on the rooftops, though could produce some good gatherings and chats! We may need to rp a capture at some time, this will be arranged in group chat/notecards.))

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