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a not so chance meeting

Mr Eliot  lounged on a roof top , peering over the ledge he sees the wolf, Wright, walking down the street cautiously,then slip into a tobacconist’s shop for a few moments, then return to stand in the shop door way and light up a cigar, he then starts to scan the street,

Eliot muses’ why here i wonder, well lets find out shall we” the cat jumps the 25 odd feet from the roof to the street below, and moves to the right, putting an open alley to his back,eliot frowns at wright ‘your not stalking me, are you?”

Wright puffs on his cigar and laughs “Me stalking you? What gives you that impression?”

“just call it caution , everyone is stalking me these days”
Eliot looks around ” i see we have both placed ourselves in a position of advantage”

the wolf  nods “I Reckon we have”

Mr Eliot  taps the back side of the razer in his hand on the tip of his nose” so just out for a smoke or are you looking for me as well?

Wright nods again “Funny you should mention that. I have been Hired to find you.” he says with a slight grin.

the dapper cat tilts his head ” pity i was enjoying watching your…..antics

Wright  snorts “So you were the one who left that little, gift, on my window the other day?”

“oh that? well i had to put it someplace’ Eliot snickers
the cat Moreau shifts slightly on his feet  ” so will you come at me with teeth and claw like that oaf omig? or do you have a pistol in your pocket?”

Wright  slowly opens his coat, revealing a holstered revolver, his hand reaches towards it before it’s suddenly shoved into his pocket. “No, I’ve been hired to find you and deliver this.” he says as he pulls a small parcel out of his coat.

Mr Eliot tilts his head ” hmmm .. and Who gave it to you?

the wolf half shrugs “Your Pharmacist, she has a little shop down by the canals.”

‘Qismah?’ Eliot looks at the envelope warily ” now that is worrying”

Wright held the envelope out “I reckon that’d be her.”

Mr Eliot eyes the proffered item” is it a sealed envelope?”

the wolf nods”Yes it is.”

the feline smiled ” well ill have you open it then,if you would be so kind?”

Wright smiled back “You nervous Mr. Elliot?”

Eliot shrugged”when Qismahs involved?, always”

the wolf Moreau shakes the package “I think you should open it.”

‘hmm, very well “the cat replied “toss it over’

Wright  tossed the package to the cat “here ya’ go”

 Eliot picks it up with his left hand after covering it with a  hankersheif  ‘ just in case it should puff out something deadly”

Eliot carefully tears the top open through the hankersheif, then unwraps the cloth slowly,
and then peers into the envelope ‘doesn’t look like theres any powder in there,and touch poisons would seep through the paper”he pulls out the note inside

 “Are you satisfied that you’re not dead, Mr Elliot?”Wright asked

” not yet”Eliot reads the note ” well this  is a surprise”
 he folds the note and stuffs it in his pocket”hmm quite allot to think about,

Wright shakes the ash from his cigar “I reckon all’s in order here?”

Eliot smiles “for the most part, unless your planning to make some money on the side with rewards?”

 Wright grins “A little money on the side never hurts.but it depends on the reward.”

 Mr Eliot body shifts slightly”i think that would be a bad idea for you, it would be an interesting fight , and unlike most im not afraid to die,can you say the same?”

Wright  grins “You wouldn’t be the first to try and claim my Life, and I’m confident you wouldn’t be the last either.” The wolf thinks for a moment “No, I think I’ll leave that to the people who are getting paid to find you.”

Mr Eliot smiles again “at least your death would be quick,not like that Capt Hienrichs , her i would take my time with, i would have her singing to the heavens for blessed release,but i digress”

Wright  chuckles “A task easier said than done Mister Elliot.”

 the cat nods ” all good things are worth the effort Mr Wright, so shall we part company in peace?”

Wright  Nods “In as much peace as there can be for two Men like us.”

Mr Eliot laughs back”thats the thing Mr Wright, there are only two ways for the likes of us to part company, in piece, or pieces”

the wolf nods “And I think we’d both rather not leave in pieces.”

“well good day then ” Eliot says as he backs down the alley

 a few minutes later back on the roof tops Eliot reads the letter once more” so she wants me to come back and turn my self in,well not yet, i have unfinished business with Hienrichs first”

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