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A night at the museum

Private Journal
1 Oct NByr5

(all the normal private journal caveats apply.  Your mileage may vary.  Results not typical.  For external use only)

That was unnerving.

With the first bits of autumn chill in the air, the mind begins to wander.  This fall harkens back to my first fall in New Babbage.  While I cannot complain about my new living arrangements, this is the first fall in several years that I am without my loft in the Salon.  I have my own shop, and the comfort of our apartment now, but I still miss the spartan little space on Academy Downs thet served as my office and loft.

Feeling rather melacholy, and not having any particular familial obligations at the time (Kimika was out at the steelmill seeing to some new girders she had contracted for a new project) I decided to walk a bit.  Perhaps it was my subconcious guiding my steps, or just old habits, that led me to the front door of the Paleolithic Museum on the Square.  I walked in and felt the rush of all those old feelings and memories run over me.  Curious, that.  This museum was one of the oldest buildings in town, one that managed to survive all the changes over the last few years.  It also had a history, just like the old Imperial. It’s funny now, being one of the ‘old folks’ in town.  I walked in and turned to look up at the portrait that hung there over the door.  Professor Nareth Nishi, the former owner…I recalled who she was before, what she became, how she left, and how dear Elleon ended up as the owner.

The new exhibits were very interesting.  I know that Victor had helped with the new models, and I couldn’t help but marvel at how realistic they were.  I cut around the staircase, and stopped for a second.  The new exhibit was a curious thing.  A biped, much like a small Tyrannasaur.  I looked at the longer arms, the claws…and thought to myself that this would not be  a pleasant meeting if one of these was about.  It reminded me of a bear in size, but a Moa or a Rhea in aspect.  While I was lost in my reverie of thought, something happened.  Quick, odd, curious.  Perhaps a trick of the light.  I shifted backwards and for a second, it seemed as if the eye of the beast was following me.  I stood stock-still for just a moment, and the glimmer passed.

I walked upstairs, and selected a copy of Dr. Mallory’s newest monograph on his last expedition to the Badlands.  I need to speak to Elle about this.  I mean I’m all for realism, but that is a bit too much. 

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  1. Victor1st Mornington Victor1st Mornington October 4, 2011

    Absolutley!  It’s a trick of the light!

    ((dang fine post Jed))

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