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a nice little chat

violet looked down at the note she had just written, the message was short and simple,” Hienrichs, we need to talk, four PM tomorrow at Tenks statue,Violet”

she folded and sealed the note then passed it to a worker to hand  to an urchin for  delivery.

the next day Violet rounded the last corner to Tenks statue, and saw the Captain already there “well so much for having the advantage of position”she mumbled

Capt hienrichs looked up at her arrival a slight look of distaste on her face”Miss Solano”

Violet nodded “Hienrichs, we need to talk”

Hienrichs looked impassive and nodded back,

the rabbit Moreau looked up at the statue of Mr Tenk, its unyielding bronze gaze slowly crumbling the nearby brickwork to dust ” I heard about Eliot’s latest songbird, there will be more”

Hienrichs looked grim. “Where will he find anyone? Or does he simply kidnap?”  

violet smirked ” prostitutes are easy to come by”

the Captain made a vague wave out toward the city at large ‘Even they have their limits”

Violet cocked an eyebrow” do you honestly  think they know whats going to happen to them at the start?”

 Hienrichs looked thoughtful. “If we let them know.”
 the Rabbit shook her head “then he’ll grab them off the street”

Capt Hienrichs sighed “He needs to be in custody. Now.”

Violet snapped back “he needs to be dead”

Hienrichs looked exasperatedly at the Moreau ” If there is anything you can tell me, now is the time.”

solano shrugged “oh thats simple Hienrichs,arm your men and shoot to kill”

Hienrichs frowned “If we can find him. There are far too many places to hide in New Babbage.”

“well to start with”violet said” tell your men to take to the roofs, he is a cat after all”

Violet paused then turned away “this really is your fault you know”

 Hienrichs raised an eyebrow. “How?”
 the Moreau sighed ” while he was free Qismah was feeding him the drugs that kept him calm , and pliant, controllable,once your men denied her access at the hospital they started to wear off”

the rabbit turned to Hienrichs, an almost pleading look in her face that was gone in an instant”you should have killed him Hienrichs,…………… i expected you to”

the Captain replied stiffly “That is a last resort.”

Violet leaned against the wall ” I’d even hoped he’d died when your building collapsed’ the rabbit crossed her arms across her chest” to be honest i should have killed him years ago, but he was too useful when i killed my brothers”

 Hienrichs tried to keep her face impassive at that, but a sickened look crossed it.

 Violet twirled a strand of hair and looked introspective “I remember the younger of my brothers cowering at my feet, crying for forgiveness as i put a bullet in his brain.

Violet spun to face the Captain a grim look on her face ” but they never should have tried to kill me” Violet spit in contempt” had Eliot not warned me,i would be dead”

Hienrichs sneered ” How… fortunate for you”

the Rabbit smiled “yes it was,you know he tried to kill me on my ship the other night, but failed,and still got away dam him, but at least not without injury”

Capt Hienrichs sighed heavily” Well, if we can, we will capture him. Mr. Canergak has already offered to house him at the asylum,That may be the best place for him.”

violet turned away fists balled”the best place for him Hienrichs is rotting in the ground!…………. but have it your way catch him if you can”

 Hienrichs replied sarcastically, “Well, cheer up. He may not give us a choice.”

Violet waves a paw dismissively “true one can dream, well you have about a month before his urge to teach a bird to sing becomes uncontrollable’

Violet turns to leave ” oh and if I or my men see him,hes dead’

Hienrichs nods slowly.”Well, we shall see”

the Rabbit Moreau paused and turned her head “and Captain if your Militia try to get between us, i won’t be responsible for what happens,good day Hienrichs”

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