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A New Start

Loki had always considered Brunel Hall to be a beautiful piece of architecture, but right now the bar was empty this late at night.  Everyone was in their hotel rooms tucked away with only an hour before the sun rise.  Loki frumped sadly on the front porch looking at the doors mournfully.  ‘Maybe some food might cheer me up’ he thought to himself as he reached into his food pocket.  

All that remained were a few trinkets he had picked up wandering around New Babbage.  He had made it a point to stay away from the Sonnerstein house after turning it to ruins.  Loki had avoided that side of town not wanting to see the pile of smoldering ashes of the family home.

” Be’uh jes stay away fer neow, Shore as My Muthah they be hunting to string me up neow, o’ rebuke me ‘nuff ta wanna be strung up.” Loki whispered into the frozen night air. This was the end of it.  There was no Sonnerstein home and no cave for him anymore. He was homeless.  Urchins are homeless, of course, but Loki had been lucky enough to be allowed into a friendly home and his Haven.

Loki eventually wandered back to his cave hoping to find some sign that he could get back in, but this time he tried the back entrance.  The door to the garden pub creaked open as he snuck inside quietly.  The place was remarkably emptier than it had been earlier this month.  The spiders living in the cave below must have chased the owners out too.  The bar would close down before it had even opened.

Loki sighed quietly, his steamy breath escaping into the wind.  But as Loki looked around at the abandoned pub he began to realize something wondrous.  This place was a treasure.  The biggest abandoned  treasure he had ever stumbled upon.  He could open his own bar here since the walls were already in place.  All he needed was more supplies.  Once he was established he could raise funds to fix the Sonnerstein house and they would forgive him.

Loki ran to the port to collect supplies for his newest home.  He quietly gathered barrels of supplies destined for other locations and crates.  There were a surprising number intended for the Gangplank, but he was sure that Sir Sir would forgive him if he found him some good cigars.  Loki spent most of the night rummaging through the Port.  He tried to stay positive despite his feelings of despair and staying busy was the best way to do that.  He needed desperately to take care of the Sonnersteins, after all they took care of him and let him into their home with some of their adopted kids.  When dawn had finally crept over the garden walls, Loki was already on his way to the Imperial Theater with new hope in his steps.


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  1. Kristos Sonnerstein Kristos Sonnerstein January 10, 2016

    That boy needs some sense shocked into him. Stormy, put the electrodes down, I didn’t mean that literally.

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