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A New Incarnation of the CocoaJava (Full Name Pending)

Ahoy, Scoundrels, Landlubbers and whatever other sort of motley miscellaneous folk ya may be.

Seems that the Mary Read Stealing, er I mean Lending Library, and the Mary Read-ing Room in the Blake See was PILLAGED! Pillaged I tell ye, by no other than that low down R.F. Burton Library in the Babbage Canals. I know it was them. I saw footprints that could *only* have been made by a librarian. Don’t be surprised if our shelves of books just sorta casually show up there one of these days. Wouldn’t that be just like a scurvy librarian to flaunt it?

So. The upshot is… wait, there’s two upshots.

Upshot #1: We’re going undercover and will be attempting to pass as upstanding fine folk. Ceejay’s rented a shopfront in the Babbage Canals, #18 Hammerbridge Row. Tall Tales and Outright Lies will continue there. She’s turning the place into a haven of sorts for writers and artists. Sounds a bit bohemian, if you get my drift. There’s plans afoot to feature writings by Babbage authors and Scoundrel Fleeties. If yer one of those, she’d like to hear from ya and hopes you’ll let her frame your cover art for the shop walls, and stuff an info notecard inside it so’s the public can find you.…/106

Upshot #2: I’ve pulled up stakes at the Blake Sea, but the rent’s still paid up for another 3 weeks. GO HAVE FUN!

There’s 1440 free prims and a 2 hour autoreturn. Do what ever ya please out thar!

Hope to see you at the new shop for the next Tall Tales and Outright Lies, Saturday, February 11th, from 6:30-7:30pm slt. We’ve got a cracklin’ fire, and it’s even safely contained in a fireplace now. We’re fancy.

Ceejay Writer
Chief Punnery Officer

The Scoundrel Fleet
(currently misplaced)

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  1. Serafina Puchkina Serafina Puchkina February 1, 2017

    A pirate complains of an insignificant number of items disappearing from her library? Oh, the irony.


    If said Babbage librarian liberated a few books, and she is not admitting to anything, that librarian would see the act as merely reallocating assets.


    It was her Christian duty to rescue those poor books from the hands of pirates, you see.


    Beware of the notorious urchins roaming the alleyways of Babbage. They will do much worse than the genteel librarian of the R.F. Burton.

    Who still is not admitting to anything. 


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