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A needed breather

hours later Violet, Qismah, and a sleepy Olivia sat on deck chairs on the Olympian, Omig stood looking  out at the sea ,

Qismah stared at the satchel she,d held onto since the attack”i cannot believe the Sulfur mustard did not kill him,it worked perfectly on my test subjects, maybe my mixture was off?”

 Violet glared at the chemist ‘ it very nearly killed us, NEVER release anything like that in an enclosed space again!”

the gazelle glared back”i know my art Violet, the volume was
insufficient to even reach me let alone you, all that way down the hall, from where you blindly lobbed bullets right and left”

“well at least i hit him, the blood proved that!”the rabbit shouted back

Olivia covered her ears with her paws and cried out”would you both just please shut up, and stop arguing over it! you both failed to kill him, and you know it!”

Violet Spun and grabbed Olivia by the front of her blouse ” HOW DARE YOU SPEAK TO …………”and cut herself off as Omig put a paw on her shoulder”shes right you know, we all failed last night”

Violet slumped back and sighed”i know and it burns, that three of the most dangerous people in New Babbage, failed to kill that cat bastard”

the Rabbit turned to the Wolf”your men followed the launch?”

Omig licked his muzzle “yes and found it abandoned in iron bay, they followed the blood trail and scent into the gut, and lost it at a wall “

Violet shook her head ” so he’s well enough to take the high road”

“yes but we hurt him,” Omig replied’ so he’ll have to go to ground till he heals”

Qismah nodded ” yes ,and by then his need to train another songbird, will distract his twisted mind from attacking us again , for a while at least”

Violet sat quiet for a while then nodded “and that will give us time to find him,……………….and kill him”

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