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a moments peace,and a terrifying resolve,

Violet awoke, and blinked as she sat up in the bed of the Olympians  master stateroom, and elbowed Qismah in the ribs to get her to stop snoring,

the gazelle rolled on her side, and began to mutter the names, and formula of assorted potions,”well no peace and quiet here,might as well go get a drink”

slipping on a robe she went out the door and headed aft.she had gone only a short distance when she heard someone playing the lounges spinet badly, must be Olivia she mused, no one could torture Mozart quite like her Niece,”well so much for a quiet drink “she muttered, and went topside for some air.

having the Olympian sail to New Babbage was proving a god send, using the liner sized yacht as a base of operations greatly eased her mind, putting her far enough out to sea to be beyond  New Babbage legal jurisdiction, and yet still under an hours ride by airship from the warehouse was her best option, and with the fire power of a small frigate, she was fairly safe from unwanted company, and easily resupplied by freighter.

later as she watched the night sea flash and glow with the light of countless luminescent sea creatures, she felt Qismah’s arms wrap around her shoulders “your pensive tonight love”

“of course i am’ the Rabbit responded” for months now everything has gone wrong in Babbage,when i first got here the city was ripe for the taking, with no police force to speak of except the near useless Militia”

violet shrugged off the other womans embrace and stepped from the rail “now this Hydra of a Militia Captain,Hienrichs, is sticking her multitudinous heads into every aspect of my life here, i cant even pass water without her measuring the volume in a cup”

Qismah laughed ” shurely its not that bad”

Violet sighed ” oh isn’t it? the Militia watches my every move, the gangs are starting to think they don’t need to listen to me anymore,Eliot is under arrest, and useless to me,even legitimate shippings down”

Qismah laid her hands on the rail “then leave”

Violet turned to face  the gazelle”what?”

Qismah repeated” leave,pull up stakes and abandon Babbage as a bad job”

“never”the rabbit glared at the sea , the luminescence from the water reflected from her eyes with a terrifying light,and Qismah was truly afraid “i will see this war with Hienrichs finished,and it won’t be ended till one of us is dead!”

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