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A moment of weakness

violet left the ferret to his work and walked into Qismahs workshop, the gazelle looked up as she entered “what do you want?”

the Rabbit cocked her head ” to start a little less impertinence to your employer, and while i have complete faith in the air rifles Fergus made, im beginning to have less faith in this concoction you filled the darts with”

Qismah leaned back in her chair exasperated ” as i said before the drug is more than strong enough to stop Eliot, even in one of his maniacal rages “

“Qismah ” Violet retorted ” your drug didn’t even put down a common street drunk, he just kept crawling down the alley “

the Herbalist laughed “Violet haven’t you figured out by now,that with the sort of things that get poured down the throats of the citizens of this city,theres no such thing as a common new Babbage street drunk, the drug will work, you’ll see “

the Rabbit Moreau leaned against a book case and looked sullen,Qismah rose and stepped over to give her mistress a kiss ” don’t worry love we’ll get him and you will kill him “

“and if Hienrichs gets to him first?”violet replied

the gazelle said flatly ” then she’ll put him in Canergak’s asylum”

violet shook her head ‘only till he decides to escape, or worse tells Hienrichs everything he knows about all we’re doing in this city”

the Gazelle smiled ” well as to that im sure the Captain already knows what we’re doing in the city, but just doesn’t have any proof, and while Eliot’s likely to escape at some point when his urges get too great, he won’t give over anything to Hienrichs”

the Rabbits laugh echoed through the room ” and what makes you think that?”

Qismah picked up a bowl of vile looking purple paste broke off a chunk and tossed it into her mouth and presented the bowl to Violet who put her paw out in a dismissive gesture ” Taffy?, no? and as to my proof, think back on the attack aboard the ship, he traveled in a small coastal launch, all the way out to a heavily armed ship,with a crew of 60, all to sneak in and cut your throat in your sleep”

violets left eat twitched at the thought ‘ it only proves how bold he’s become”

qismah smirked” it only proves how desperate he’s become, if he was being bold he’d have dragged you of in his launch, and made you his most prized Song Bird, no he wanted you dead and quickly, and he knows if he turns on you and tells Hienrichs any thing, that you would bring that building down around his head stone by stone to get to him, after you killed Hienrichs of course”

Violet looked down at her hand paws and realized they were shaking “well im still not convinced”

Qismah turned her toward the end of the room “go lay on the couch, theres a full pipe there waiting for you, and i’ll be over presently when your more ………… relaxed”

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