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A List of Public Houses and Restaurants for the RFL – ADD YOUR OWN IF IT’s MISSING

On behalf of Garnet Psaltery, and because I planned the route for W’s map last year – I’m posting a modified list of pubs and restarants in New Babbage at this time. I deleted those ones that have disappeared since last year, and added one obvious pub that has appeared in the Port :)

HOWEVER, I do not go around nearly enough, so I might have missed something NEW that has appeared. If you know some new ones, please add it to the list in the comments. Let me also know if an owner has changed in some of these.

IF YOU WANT TO JOIN YOUR PUB/BAR/PLACE IN RFL, do it also in the comments/send a message to Garnet.

Existing bars, public houses, and restaurants in New Babbage as of May/June 2014.

(In General Order)

1. The Rusty Cog
Sparkes Keynes, owner
Brunel Railway, Babbage Square

2. Loki’s Absinthe House
Loki Eliot, owner
Grand Canals, Babbage Square

3. Ruby’s Pub
Skusting Dagger, owner
Bow Street, Babbage Canals

4. The Merryman of Babbage
Mosseveno Tenk, owner

5. The Sneaky Vole
Tepic Harlequin, owner
Behind a tram stop, near Piermont Landing
This has to be rezzed separately if Tepic so chooses.

6. The Bucket of Blood
Mr. Underby, owner
Njal Edwyn, Bartender
West Abney Parkway, New Babbage

7. The Rangoon Pandemonium Bar
Jimmy Branagh, owner
Cooger & Dark’s Wax Museum

8. Brass Monkey
Edward Pearse, owner
Clockwork Close, Babbage Palisade

9. Goodbye Muirsheen Durkin
Vic Mornington, owner
Academy Downs, Academy of Industry

10. The Red Rum Cave
Mosseveno Tenk, #1 patron
Hooke’s Corner, Clockhaven

11. The Old Brewery
Amadeus Hammerer and Obscura Benoir, owners
Doagrun Road, Clockhaven

12. The Gangplank
Emerson Lighthouse and Junie Ginsburg, owners
Martin Malus, bartender
Prince Dakkar Boulevard, Clockhaven

13. Porthead Tavern
Tesla Tripsa, owner
Montgolfier Quay, Port Babbage

14. The Clockwork Kraken public house
Toshiro Tigerauge, owner

There might be more new ones I have not seen yet.

15. Cocoa Java Cafe
Ariana Farstrider, owner
Blackberry Harvey, last owner
Academy Downs, Academy of Industry

16. Vrai Vert
Dr. Cyberusfaustus, owner
Archon Way, Clockhaven

17. Satu’s Sushi Barge
Satu Moreau, owner
Clockhaven Harbor

18. The Red Cat Tea Room
Stargirl MacBain, owner
Perdido Street, Babbage Square

19. Oddson Coffeeworks
Oddson Tower, New Babbage
Jordan Oddson, owner


20. Lotus of the Sea
Breezy Carver-Fabre, owner
Vernian Sea

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  1. Tepic Harlequin Tepic Harlequin May 27, 2014

    The Sneaky Vole Mobile Urchin Bar (Cart Version!) can be rezzed in any convenient space. If there is a gap with no bars, and we can find some kindly peson to donate a little space, we can put it anywhere. Otherwise, if anyone would like to give it a temporary home, preferably in a less visible location, please let me know and we can set it out for the pub crawl. I will check the LI later and let people know.

  2. Dee Wells Dee Wells May 27, 2014


    The Rookswood Brewery Tasting Room –

    Alley Cats Pub –


    Dee’s Cheese –

    Pièce de Résistance (café Français at canalside) –

    On the subject of public safety particularly concerning the Tasting Room: new fireproof doors, and we let Finn the shark bartender go (he was the one doing most of the tasting).

    The bar at the New Babbage Gallery of Art could be added to the NOT SURE HOW TO CLASSIFY category, in case we’re running low an bars (it could happen *cough*).

    ((contact me about the Tasting Room and Alley Cats, as Cyan has been abducted by RL for now. Dee’s Cheese and the café are mine, and either Vic or I can look after the Gallery))

  3. Garnet Psaltery Garnet Psaltery May 28, 2014

    Many thanks for this heroic effort.  It occurred to me that an important thing lacking in the RFL shop in Port is a small bar of liquorous refreshment.  After all, it is thirsty work emptying one’s pocket for a good cause.  I am therefore installing just such a feature and may now add the shop to your excellent list.  Licence to be applied for, eventually.



    Relay for Life of Second Life Purchasing and Contributing Office –

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