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A letter to the citizens

My dear residents of New Baggage,

I really miss this beautiful city.   I miss all of you.  1L technical issues are keeping me from spending little more than short visits, sadly.  It is a problem that I hope to resolve in a few months.  Please tell me, what news?  What has been going on in my absense? 

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  1. Mr Tenk Mr Tenk May 18, 2011

    serfs up, peasants revolting, and we’ll paint the mutha purple!


  2. Heliotrope Lionheart Heliotrope Lionheart May 18, 2011

    Mr. and Mrs. Underby were attacked, Mr. fled town, but he’s back, Mr. Blackberry took over the CocoaJava, the Church arrested Pip and then he was murdered, I was turned human by the Church, but I got better, Tenk got frozen and then thawed but has a cold now.

    Murder, mayhem, cogs, and parties.


    • Tepic Harlequin Tepic Harlequin May 18, 2011

      apart from what Prof. Lionheart said, it’s been a bit quiet…….

      oh! i got to raise some kittens, an the urchins got a place in Wheatstone!

  3. Lady Chronometria Cogshine Lady Chronometria Cogshine May 18, 2011

    Well, i`m a newcomer, so will greatly enjoy meeting you!

    As to news, well, the citizens were assaulted by purple missiles to extort money for charitable causes. They donated handsomely, for it was a good cause, but eventually we all gathered together and assaulted the ironclad that had bombarded the town. Victory for all concerned.

    Also the trams have become a tad….erratic….and last night they all gathered in a part of town for nefarious purposes. Mr tenk was apparently stunned during the event, having been found rooted to the spot in horror.

    A giant snake is rumoured to be menacing the citizenry.

    Men calling themselves Timelords continue to appear randomly in the town, causing all manner of confusion. It may also be a person called “Tim Lord”, we do not yet know.

    Mr Nathaniel Lorefield won the New Caledon blimp wreck rally.

    Breakfast in babbage was held, with a clown theme and was a great success.

    All this in the mere week i have been here!

    • Ceejay Writer Ceejay Writer May 18, 2011

      Trams have ‘become’ a bit erratic?  They were born bad to the bone.

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