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A Letter to Tepic

Mornington dashed off to his writing desk after the chat with old Father Pizzaro and Sister Loxley and started writing a quick letter.

“Dear Tepic

The Church of the Builder may be looking for signs of The Sneaky Vole after I inadvertently mentioned the establishment to old Father Pizzaro.

Be on the lookout, I have enclosed a small package of silver coin, enough to do a quick move into a newer place.



Mornington sat back and wondered why Father Pizzaro and Sister Loxley of The Church of the Loonies actually payed Mornington a visit in the first place.  Almost 4 years he has been in the City, and the nonchalant way Mornington talks about The Church is known throughout the city.

So why visit now?

“Strange” Mornington thought.

“Very strange”

Mornington gave out the usual Rumour Mill whistle infront of Brunel Hall, and a few minutes later one of the Urchins casually wandered up to him.  Mornington slipped the package containing the letter to Tepic into the urchins backpack, and tipped the kid as well with instructions on not to use the official city messengers to deliver the package, since they work for The Church.

“Keep this one between the Rumour Mill Gang kid”

“Aye Mista Goatlegs!”

Mornington chuckled as the Urchin scampered off.

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  1. Sister Loxely Sister Loxely August 7, 2012

    After Father Pizarro and Sister Loxely thanked Mr. Mornington for his hospitality they left his home and started walking down the street. Once out of earshot of the house, they stopped. 













    Father Pizzaro: You and the others find this place, and shut it down.
    Sister Loxely nods.
    Sister Loxely: Yes, Father. For the children. And the good of the city.
    Father Pizzaro: At the very least, attempt to show some charity to the children who have fallen into this vile conspiracy.
    Father Pizzaro: Someone must be behind it.
    Sister Loxely: Indeed. We will do our utmost.
    Father Pizzaro: Perhaps a lesson in hygiene, before one of those messengers brings lice into the building.
    Father Pizzaro: That would be a charitable act.
    Sister Loxely looks horrified at the mention of lice.
    Sister Loxely: Yes. Yes, we must ensure they learn that lesson at once.
    Father Pizzaro: Prevention, Sister Loxely.
    Sister Loxely: Yes Father.

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