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A Letter to Ravila

Dear Paul,

Thank you for sending the guitar to replace the one I lost. I hope you did not use your influence to aquire it from Tito’s shop, he is a master craftsman and deserves to be paid for his skill for creating this instrument. 

I hope the fast is going better for you than it is for us. Now that we are all painfully sober and off the regime, I have discussed my concerns with some of the others. There is no question that Father Pizzaro has a notable success record, but I question if he is still in his full capacities. Frankly, after questioning our Steward (the one who nearly had a nervous breakdown as the fast began), I think he has been off in the dosing. I have never witnessed a withdrawal as severe as what I saw on my return, even when I allow that I did not have to go through it myself and only watched as an observer. I have asked our Steward to follow the standard regime, and not let it be modified according to the old man’s whims. There is less than two weeks to go, myself and some of the others are growing increasingly anxious over the prospect.

I will keep you posted of the outcome, and of my own internal observations.

Good luck on your assessements, I will send along my evaluation for your amusement after I complete mine. I should be called up any day now.  

in brotherhood,


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  1. Brother Riddler Brother Riddler April 7, 2012

    He got his guitar back, good. Better that than listening to him pacing all night. 

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