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A Letter and a Threat

Dr. Jekyll sat at his desk, mulling over the meaning of a letter that seemed to have been addressed to the entire hospital staff and some of the patients. The head nurse had transcribed the letter in her own hand several times to ensure everyone had read it, but it was made clear that the original author was a being known only as Prometheus; The being allegedly responsible for the recent attacks and the organizer of Dr. Viper’s murder. Jekyll sighed, running his hand through his hair as he reread the note again:

“Whether you arrive here or not I trust that the staff will see this to you. I want you to know that if I see you again you will die. 

“My brothers, whose faces you do not know, will kill you.  They unlike you are willing to shoot to kill at first sight, but you will not see them. Stay off the streets if you intend to live. 

“You must be wondering if all of this is worth it to me.  The answer is every ounce of effort, every destruction of these peoples lives is worth it to me.  You do not truly believe in anything until you are willing to go to jail for it.  What, do I wonder, do you believe in that you would break the law to see it done?  Bringing my family together is my answer.  I will not stop.”

What was this madness, the doctor wondered, that would drive someone to such extremes?

“You think he’s bluffing?”

Jekyll frowned at the invasive thought. “Hyde, this is serious. You know of the damage Prometheus and his group has done.”

“Ugh… Yeah, but you think he’s making this up? It’s a bloody stupid excuse for murder.”

“An extremist. I know. The problem we face here is not why Prometheus is doing this, you realize, the problem is what are we going to do about it.”

“But don’t you think a motive will help stop him?”

Jekyll stood up and began pacing back and forth in his office. “How?! I mean… Suppose we do manage to get the entire group back together. What if they decide to continue their rampage, attacking the asylum or, perhaps the hospital?”

He could hear Hyde growling in annoyance. “You worry too much about what-ifs, ya know that? I say let’s cut the guessing and-“

Hyde’s thoughts were cut off but a sudden knock on the door and the voice of the head nurse calling the doctor’s name. Jekyll quickly straightened himself out, clearing his throat as he awnsered the door. “Yes, Kasa?”

The rabbit gave the doctor a grim look, speaking with an urgent seriousness in her tone. “It’s Snow. One of the patients.”

Jekyll furrowed his brow, “What’s wrong? Is his condition worsening?”

Kasa shook her head, “He’s escaped from the hospital.”

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