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A horrible curse

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Snow grinned as he darted through the snow once again escaping the curfew patrol, now that he was feeling better thanks to Granny’s help he was back at it and if anything getting into more trouble.  He had been told by Jimmy to ‘Cause mischief’ and he was.  
His target was the patrols. He knew he was getting to them, the only patrol that got near him backed down after tossing him an apple, which made him more cocky, and that patrol was toe to toe with him just about.. He had told the patrol “well its hard to smell things with all the rats patrolling the city… and that rat in the city hall was the worst.
The boy had spirit and was doing the best he could.  There were stationed snowball piles all over the city and the second the sun was down he was moving about, pelting some patrols with snowballs, and some with words, but using his speed and his newfound knowledge of the streets to his advantage. There was only one curfew patrol he avoided, Nymlet’s, something about her made the fur on his tail stand on end, small snippets from the night he blacked out before he woke up to Jimmy shaking him awake in a snow bank. Behind city hall.

Deep down he knew the moon was almost full, this was going to make things rough, and dangerous…but thanks to granny and scald he knew a place he might be able to hide outside of town, away from everyone…. away from his friends.  He could restrain himself and once morning came he could be back in town as if nothing happened. The only thing that made him jumpy where the two who figured him out, the one all the orphans call Granny and Rusty.

He smiled as he nodded off after spending a few hours harassing the patrols.  He snuck over to the Palisade, landing outside the walls and darting towards the old water mill.  As he got close he liked his hiding spot even more. It was far enough from the city it was safe, as he inspected it something caught his ear as he looks around a corner his eyes go wide seeing ravens, his nose twitching as he instantly sniffs about worried.

Birds… a lot of birds… no…..ravens.   This was bad, his place of safety was near a portal.  This was dangerous when restrained he would be a easy target for anything. This was a concern but should he tell someone?

Yes, but no.  The full moon was only a couple days away, this place was remote but….. he had to find someone to talk to… maybe he had to let someone know his secret someone who could protect him while he was restrained. It was a lot to take in a lot to think about.

He slowly departs back towards town he was going to tell Jimmy and the others of the portal… but still unsure about telling them what he was. His tail dragging in the snow as his usual energy was drained by this event, but he kept an ear out and nose sniffing case a raven came after him before he got to town. As he got back to town he realised it was getting dark again and it was time to cause more mischief. A grin once more returning to his face as he lowers his goggles and darts into the streets.

He met up with the other urchins, their plan to cause a ruckus, but they did not expect what happened next. As Jimmy, Snow, and Zaida set out there was a commotion, gun fire as a strange beast ran by.  It was pursued by Nymlet and other town guards.  

The urchins scattered as Nymlet took off after the beast.  Snow realised his friends had run; he had stood still too long.  The guard took after Jimmy, but on his return managed to catch up to Snow and catch him.

Snow did his best to resist as he was dragged towards city hall, his heart racing as his head started to pound, no… no it was going to happen, snow knew he was in danger he had been caught. Snow grunted as he was thrown into the cell, no.. the room.. no… a cage … this was bad… this was real bad, he could feel it the hunger the anger… the emotion… the wolf…..

His blood started to feel like it was boiling, everything going dark as if he was there but had no control, he heard the guard talking, he felt he was talking back to him but was not sure, he smelt the raw steak it did not feed the hunger then noises a gun…. a gun loading.. everything was a blur.  Was it even in order in his mind anymore?

He heard voices.. no….he heard Jimmy’s voice he had to get control….but things were so confused…

Before he knew it he was slamming through the door of the room in city hall splintering it as he growled and ran down the stairs and into the street.

He felt the sting of a round lodge into his thigh, and then his side, as he turned and ran for the tracks, his heart racing.  It hurt.

Gunfire continued, he fled to the canal seeing the ice.  He could follow it and maybe lose the one chasing him.  He had to keep control, he could not let the wolf win, as he gets to the end of the canal he leaps onto the ledge hearing the man scramble up behind him, his heart races as he turned.

it was blurry and the voice said ‘do not move’, but what else he could not make out.  He turned on his heels and ran leaping towards the sea as he feels one last round rip into him, as he hits the water… then…. nothing…………. nothing but the cold water lapping at his body….. was he alive…was he dead……he could not think…. as he floats lost…. hoping… hoping he would be found

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  1. Nymlet Nymlet January 25, 2013

    There was alot afoot hunting manflesh that night it seems.. 
    and people wonder why the curfew is needed… 

    • Zaida Gearbox Zaida Gearbox January 25, 2013

      Kitty was only huntin’ me. River sent her out to come bring me home.

  2. Nathan Adored Nathan Adored January 25, 2013

    You know, it could also be said that things got as bad as this BECAUSE OF the curfew, because in the end the ONLY ones dealing with monsters showing up are the inept curfew patrol, who are clearly out of their league against them.  And from the sounds of things, there may well be MORE monsters coming.

    In the meantime, I now have MORE reason to keep my ray gun at my side at ALL times.  And beleive me, if I feel threatened even by the curfew patrol, I might just shoot at them, too. Though if it comes to that, it will be to wound, NOT to kill.


  3. Nymlet Nymlet January 25, 2013

    i would take affront of being called inept.

    If you where not just a little kid.

    As you where not there you have no clue of what happened or how i drove the creature off into the sea before it hurt anyone.


    • Mack Blackwell Mack Blackwell January 26, 2013

      Does driving it into the sea necessarily mean it drowned? Just a question. And I ask only because I read another report that a monster was driven out of the town gates. A lot of driving it sounds going on. Is there a reason not to …ahem….”dispatch” these things when they are encountered? Though it does sound reassuring that at least one guardsman actually hit something.

  4. Nymlet Nymlet January 26, 2013

    Well, it seemed aquatic.. so i think it mearly went ‘home’.  It was fast as a soaped Eel though so hitting it was not easy. i cant surely say if i did. since it jumped into the wet.

    I did hit that strange rhinoceros in port with a exploding airkraken harpoon though.

    it did not look impressed.

    • Snowfang Snowfang January 26, 2013

      seemed like quite a few besties running around that night

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