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A Holiday Greeting to Victor Mornington


Dear Victor,

I am just writing this quick little note to wish you the compliments of the season. It is such a refreshing time of year, wouldn’t you agree? There is nothing better than seeing the excited looks on the urchins faces in anticipation of the magic of the season.

 Of course, as a prominent member of the hospitality industry you can’t help but be aware of the additional costs to businesses this time of year which we all must bear. Which brings me to one small point. I noticed that little black card you gave me last summer doesn’t seem to be working anymore. In fact the last place I tried to pass it wouldn’t give it back, they just cut it up in front of me.

 Do you think it would be possible to get another? It is probably just something to do with a couple of risky purchases I made in August – nothing to trouble yourself over. If those cards are no longer available cash would be fine.

 I was just saying to Miss Ginsburg and the Squire how how much we respect your business acumen and general all around political savvy. If there is ever anything we can do as fellow business owners to make things easier for you don’t ever hesitate to ask.

 Yours Sincerely,

 Sir Sir Emerson Lighthouse, MD, PhD, DDS, NBE, twice knighted, thrice retired

Business Owner


PS: Send whatever gift you deem appropriate around by urchin. Cheers, Em.


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